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  • Previous items
  • Community Efforts/Testing
  • Previous Actions

LINK: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/installation-guide/i386/minimum-hardware-reqts.html (nuclearbob, 18:11:29)

  • Community Efforts/Testing
  • Automated/Systems Testing
  • Engineering Team Bug Status (hggdh, Ursinha, pedro_, bdmurray)
  • Other Topics

ACTION: gema to chair next meeting (nuclearbob, 18:35:42)

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  • gema to chair next meeting

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  • gema
  • * gema to chair next meeting

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  • 18:05:33 <nuclearbob> #startmeeting

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    18:05:58 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Previous items

    18:06:35 <nuclearbob> the only action item last week was discuss the minimum memory requirements

    18:07:08 <nuclearbob> we've been discussing that at the sprint this week, but we haven't reached a conclusion

    18:07:23 <nuclearbob> moving on

    18:07:30 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    18:08:51 <nuclearbob> looks like I went too fast, rolling back

    18:08:56 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    18:09:15 <nuclearbob> we have a url for the minimum memory requirements provided by the dev team that we'll be testing against

    18:11:29 <nuclearbob> https://help.ubuntu.com/11.10/installation-guide/i386/minimum-hardware-reqts.html

    18:11:45 <gema> basically, we will aim at validating whatever the minimum requirements are

    18:11:54 <gema> so that we are sure thing work in low memory conditions

    18:12:10 <gema> but we don't have a date yet as to when we will be able to start such testing

    18:12:38 <gema> ..

    18:12:42 <nuclearbob> all right

    18:12:52 <nuclearbob> any other previous actions before we move on?

    18:13:52 <nuclearbob> all right

    18:14:00 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Community Efforts/Testing

    18:15:38 <nuclearbob> as we're defining the preferred test case format, we'll make sure to get that published so the community can submit test cases, but we don't have the format defined yet

    18:19:21 <nuclearbob> anybody else?

    18:19:55 <nuclearbob> moving on

    18:19:59 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Automated/Systems Testing

    18:20:23 <nuclearbob> we're setting up a new lab this week for automated testing

    18:20:41 <nuclearbob> once it's running we'll be pushing test results to the public jenkins instance

    18:22:11 <nuclearbob> we'll have more of that available after it's setup

    18:23:06 <nuclearbob> anything else?

    18:24:47 <nuclearbob> all right

    18:24:50 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Engineering Team Bug Status (hggdh, Ursinha, pedro_, bdmurray)

    18:27:23 <nuclearbob> any bug status updates this week?

    18:27:39 <bdmurray> I've nothing special to share today just one recommendation

    18:28:14 <bdmurray> With the recent release of 11.10 it'd be helpful if people were to go through and review bugs that've reported and ensure they are still relevant

    18:28:36 <bdmurray> For further details see http://www.murraytwins.com/blog/?p=110

    18:29:52 <nuclearbob> sounds good

    18:29:58 <nuclearbob> anything else from anybody?

    18:30:56 <nuclearbob> all right

    18:31:11 <nuclearbob> [TOPIC] Other Topics

    18:32:06 <gema> we are going to be improving the ubuntu QA wiki soon

    18:32:30 <gema> there has been a lot of improvements within QA and we are changing the way we do testing so we are going to try to reflect that on the wiki

    18:33:06 <gema> please, feel free to add/remove things as you see fit, we are going to try to get rid of obsolete info and put in the relevant information of what we are working on at the moment

    18:33:34 <gema> basically, all the things we spoke about at UDS need to be reflected there

    18:34:03 <gema> bdmurray: we'll need to talk about how to split the pure bug-centric info from the QA info

    18:34:17 <gema> so that everything flows nicely

    18:34:23 <gema> ..

    18:35:03 <nuclearbob> all right

    18:35:23 <nuclearbob> anyone want to chair next week?

    18:35:29 <gema> I can do

    18:35:33 <nuclearbob> super

    18:35:42 <nuclearbob> [ACTION] gema to chair next meeting 18:35:42 * meetingology gema to chair next meeting

    18:36:06 <nuclearbob> thanks everybody

    18:36:09 <nuclearbob> #endmeeting

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