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  • Previous Actions

ACTION: phillw to update wiki to better reflect activities and automated testing pages (balloons, 17:08:38)

  • Ubuntu Flavor Updates

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/PreciseAlpha2TestReport (jibel, 17:27:08) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/PerformingSRUVerification (balloons, 17:32:04)

  • Other topics

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Action items

  • phillw to update wiki to better reflect activities and automated testing pages

Action items, by person

  • phillw
  • * phillw to update wiki to better reflect activities and automated testing pages

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  • balloons (53)
  • jibel (20)
  • phillw (11)
  • astraljava (6)
  • Riddell (6)
  • meetingology (4)

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  • 17:02:01 <balloons> #startmeeting

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    17:02:30 <balloons> We have a short agenda for today.. Can I get a roll call of who all is here quickly?

    17:02:38 <astraljava> o/

    17:03:22 <balloons> AGENDA:

    17:03:22 <balloons> Previous Actions

    17:03:23 * balloons :alourie to feature AutomatedTesting wiki page prominently in wiki, based upon list discussion (balloons, 17:19:45)

    17:03:23 <balloons> Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    17:03:23 <balloons> Other topics

    17:03:33 <balloons> hi astraljava

    17:03:39 <astraljava> Hey there.

    17:03:44 <balloons> just you, me and the idlers

    17:03:47 <balloons> Smile :-)

    17:03:52 <astraljava> Looks that way. Smile :)

    17:04:23 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:05:06 <balloons> hello phillw

    17:05:21 <balloons> ok,the only outstanding action is one carried over for alourie..

    17:05:28 <phillw> hi balloons sorry I'm late - just put new O/S on.

    17:06:03 <balloons> no worries phillw.. glad you could make it Smile :-)

    17:07:22 <balloons> So, I'm not going to renew the action. alourie's scheduled shifted I believe, and he is unable to attend these meeting atm. However, the wiki still does need updating a bit. Any volunteers to 'feature the automatedtesting wiki page prominently"? 17:07:47 * phillw will do it.

    17:08:07 <balloons> awesome Smile :-) I think you can communicate to the list once it's done.. Thanks phillw! 17:08:28 * balloons phillw to update wiki to better reflect activities and automated testing pages

    17:08:31 <balloons> oops

    17:08:38 <balloons> [ACTION] phillw to update wiki to better reflect activities and automated testing pages 17:08:38 * meetingology phillw to update wiki to better reflect activities and automated testing pages

    17:09:00 <balloons> great. That's it for previous actions

    17:09:38 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    17:10:55 <balloons> let's discuss what's going on in the different flavors.. phillw, want to go first with lubuntu?

    17:11:38 <phillw> okay, our alternate for power ppc vanished from the alpha2 area & the current daily is too big for a cd

    17:11:59 <phillw> this is stopping testing as older ppc's only have cd drive

    17:12:56 <phillw> I'm not sure if it is a build problem - but will raise it with our head of dev later, unless anyone here knows the cause?

    17:13:33 <balloons> offhand I do not know

    17:13:48 <phillw> I did email about it, but got no reply.

    17:13:57 <balloons> gema could not be with us today.. is jibel in here?

    17:14:24 <jibel> hi

    17:14:48 <phillw> as far as I know, that's the only big gremlin affecting lubuntu.

    17:15:26 <balloons> hi jibel.. any thoughts on the disappearing isos for lubuntu.. see above

    17:16:06 <jibel> no clue, let me check

    17:16:13 <balloons> thanks jibel!

    17:16:45 <balloons> astraljava, would you like to update us on ubuntu studio?

    17:16:54 <astraljava> Sure. Unfortunately progress ground to a halt after Alpha-2. We're gonna have a lot to do prior to Feature Freeze, so I'd expect lots more to report next week.

    17:17:29 <astraljava> ..

    17:17:29 <balloons> this does appear to be the calm in the eye of the hurricane doesn't it? Smile :-)

    17:17:47 <jibel> phillw, ppc images were untested hence not published or did you explicitly asked to the release manager to publish them anyway ?

    17:17:55 <astraljava> balloons: It sure seems that way. Smile :)

    17:18:16 <phillw> jibel: I did not for ppc stiff. I know there a few re-spins for the others.

    17:20:55 <balloons> phillw, jibel so the image didn't get built automatically because they weren't tested, and they were not explicitly built etheir so they didn't show up. This correct?

    17:22:14 <jibel> balloons, the image were built automatically but not released because they were untested.

    17:22:36 <jibel> the last ppc build was 20120201.1

    17:23:10 <balloons> jibel, ok I understand.. So phillw, for your needs you need a ppc image to test right? jibel can the image be released now?

    17:23:13 <phillw> they were there, but the testers where having problems - i think that this carried on so long as to cause people to think that no testing was going on, when my emails were arriving often !

    17:23:29 <jibel> so only dailies are available and they are oversized.

    17:24:05 <phillw> jibel: yes.

    17:24:57 <jibel> phillw, lets talk to skaet after the meeting.

    17:25:36 <phillw> thanks Smile :)

    17:26:05 <balloons> thanks jibel and phillw

    17:26:27 <balloons> ok, jibel while we have you, care to give a quick update on ubuntu?

    17:27:05 <jibel> A2 released last week

    17:27:08 <jibel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/PreciseAlpha2TestReport

    17:28:14 <jibel> major issues where with resolvconf and the advanced partitioner in ubiquity

    17:28:36 <jibel> luckily unity 5.2 was released Friday, right after A2

    17:28:59 <jibel> that leave plenty of time to test it and make Beta 1 a solid milestone.

    17:29:27 <jibel> Next week we'll be testing the 4th release of Lucid

    17:29:42 <jibel> this is the last point release for Lucid

    17:30:26 <jibel> if you want help Lucid (or any stable release) go to this page http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html

    17:30:35 <jibel> and help testing packages in proposed

    17:30:46 <jibel> that's all from me for today

    17:30:51 <jibel> questions / comments ?

    17:30:52 <jibel> ..

    17:32:04 <balloons> jibel, just adding this wiki page also talks thru the process of doing an SRU I believe

    17:32:04 <balloons> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/PerformingSRUVerification

    17:32:44 <jibel> thanks for the link

    17:33:21 <balloons> alright, let's check and see if anyone frm kubuntu is around and can give an update ScottK or Darkwing ?

    17:34:22 <balloons> I don't see anyone from xubuntu.. but speak up if your here.. any xubuntu updates?

    17:34:54 <balloons> Finally, any update on edubuntu? stgraber, highvoltage?

    17:35:38 <balloons> if not, let's move on to our last topic

    17:35:45 <balloons> {TOPIC] Other topics

    17:35:53 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics 17:36:00 * balloons wishes he could type sometimes

    17:36:20 <balloons> ok, first off, anything people want to discuss?

    17:36:30 <Riddell> balloons: ?

    17:37:11 <Riddell> oh srus, dunno what we have for kubuntu currently

    17:37:30 <balloons> Riddell, I was asking for kubuntu qa updates.. anything in general.. how did alpha 2 testing go, etc

    17:37:57 <balloons> and hello Riddell Smile :-)

    17:38:43 <Riddell> alpha 2 was ok

    17:38:45 <balloons> did you want to add anything else Riddell?

    17:38:49 <Riddell> we got i386 and amd64 out

    17:39:00 <Riddell> I'm still to get my arm device working

    17:39:24 <balloons> Riddell, you have an arm developer board or something cooler than that?

    17:39:33 <Riddell> pandaboard I think

    17:40:40 <balloons> gotcha.. thanks for the update Riddell

    17:42:10 <balloons> Ok, if no one else has an addtional item, I will share

    17:42:36 <balloons> I wanted to highlight the good work done on the unity 5.2 testing that jibel mentioned has now landed in the archive

    17:43:21 <balloons> didrocks has an excellent post explaining the results from the testing: http://blog.didrocks.fr/post/Unity-5.2-is-now-released%21

    17:43:33 <balloons> so thanks to everyone that was involved.

    17:44:09 <balloons> ok, I think that's it for this week. Remember beta is coming sooner than we think Smile :-) Happy testing everyone. Thanks for coming

    17:44:28 <balloons> #endmeeting

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