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  • 17:03:45 <balloons> #startmeeting ubuntuqa

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    17:04:06 <brendand> hi

    17:04:51 <balloons> so, this meeting is going to be a quick agenda if that's alright with everyone

    17:04:52 <balloons> Smile :-)

    17:05:01 <phillw> sure

    17:05:05 <balloons> the canonical qa folks are sprinting in london this week

    17:05:44 <balloons> so, let me grab the agenda. but if you're wanting to add something to the agenda, speak up now

    17:06:58 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:07:27 <balloons> Just one from me ACTION: balloons to update QA Team wiki heading

    17:07:47 <balloons> so, that has been done

    17:08:13 <balloons> you'll notice the new heart icon with an activities link Smile :-)

    17:08:21 <phillw> looks good Smile :)

    17:08:39 <balloons> yes, I had help.. thanks charles

    17:08:46 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    17:09:14 <balloons> moving right along.. I trust everyone saw the precise beta1 iso testing report by jibel

    17:10:15 <balloons> beta1 got released, had some confusion about when it was released.. last minute respins on the iso

    17:10:32 <balloons> thanks to all who helped test! in addition, I put out a call for manual testing using checkbox

    17:11:11 <balloons> many thanks to the checkbox team for helping me get thru the last minute kinks and helping me keep my sanity in getting that out

    17:11:23 <balloons> as of yesterday we had 20 folks who had run thru all the tests

    17:11:44 <balloons> and several bugs opened.. one of which has already been fixed :-0

    17:12:30 <balloons> My plans for beta2 include expanding the test coverage, and migrating to checkbox-qt, as well as getting it on the cd, so a ppa is not needed and it's right there in your face when you install the iso Smile :-)

    17:12:50 <balloons> I'd love to hear feedback from anyone that tested about there experience

    17:13:20 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    17:13:38 <balloons> Alrighty, let's get to the good stuff

    17:13:54 <balloons> phillw, care to give an update for us?

    17:13:57 <phillw> G3 ppc - alternate, installs with a hack, G3 desktop more problematical, ubiquity bug raised for the kernel being installed into the wrong directory on Intel-Mac, re-writing of theme not yet complete (affects all lubuntu)

    17:14:41 <phillw> they're getting the hang of using the iso-tracker now Smile :)

    17:15:07 <balloons> heh.. i'll bet

    17:15:47 <phillw> the mini-iso install system seems also to be okay.

    17:16:25 <phillw> that's all from me.

    17:16:53 <balloons> thanks phillw

    17:17:04 <balloons> how about kubuntu?

    17:17:07 <ScottK> Kubuntu Beta 1 went fine.

    17:17:14 <ScottK> We're uploading KDE 4.8.1 today.

    17:17:38 <ScottK> We did manage at the 11th hour to get kubuntu-active images.

    17:17:47 <ScottK> So it's all ~good.

    17:18:11 <balloons> ScottK, ohh,, cool.. nice to see the kubuntu-active images got rolled out

    17:18:30 <ScottK> They are still very rough, but we'll have a nice tech preview by release I think.

    17:18:46 <balloons> yes.. very cool

    17:20:14 <balloons> alright, that it ScottK ?

    17:20:21 <ScottK> Yep

    17:20:30 <balloons> kk.. How's about xubuntu?

    17:20:48 <balloons> btw, KDE gonna be 5.0 sooner than we think.. crazy to think about Wink ;-)

    17:21:50 <balloons> no one from xubuntu about?

    17:21:53 <balloons> how about edubuntu?

    17:22:54 <balloons> going once, twice.. Smile :-) alrighty, how's about ubuntu studio/

    17:23:44 <balloons> Ok, let's move to the other topics

    17:23:53 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics

    17:24:42 <balloons> first of all, thanks phillw for updating the agenda and getting the meetings posted.. I slipped up and didn't get the logs online.. It was a crazy week

    17:25:18 <balloons> So, I see your agenda item; phillw Request Chair posts the logs up, else delegates.

    17:25:54 <balloons> anything else to add phillw.. I will make sure to delegate in the future in case I am unable to post

    17:26:59 <balloons> Alrighty, so the last piece I see is

    17:27:05 <balloons> Manual TestCase Review Updates

    17:28:09 <balloons> I will say a big thanks again to roginac who had many merge proposals go into the branch, as well as AlanBell and some others whom I may be forgetting.. and of course, all the folks who contributed manual tests during the rewrite, brendand , etc

    17:29:54 <balloons> If you review the logs for last week, we had discussions about where the "master" repo of testcases would be.. Not many folks were able to stay and chat for so long, but among those present we agreed upon declaring the checkbox branch as the master list for the short term until we have a replacement, such as case conductor

    17:31:01 <balloons> this makes it potentially a bit harder to contribute tests, but tests can be contributed by simply sending an email to the mailing list if your not able to use launchpad to create a merge proposal

    17:31:16 <balloons> That's all I have.. Questions/Comments?

    17:33:16 <balloons> alright, if no one has anything else, we'll call this a wrap.. Thanks for coming everyone.. Next week we should return to our normal capacity with the other QA team members being back online Smile :-)

    17:33:26 <balloons> #endmeeting

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