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ACTION: balloons to announce new time for QA meeting, 1400 UTC weds (balloons, 17:19:38)

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  • balloons to announce new time for QA meeting, 1400 UTC weds

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  • * balloons to announce new time for QA meeting, 1400 UTC weds

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  • 17:07:32 <balloons> #startmeeting ubuntu qa community

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    17:07:32 <meetingology>

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    17:07:51 <balloons> so who is here?

    17:07:52 <balloons> Smile :-)

    17:08:02 <phillw> o/

    17:09:00 <phillw> hmm, gema was here 5 mins ago?

    17:09:15 <balloons> lol

    17:09:17 <balloons> yes..

    17:09:29 <gema> I will be on and off, sorry guys, I am cooking Smile :)

    17:09:36 <balloons> I had hoped to get jibel and some others as well

    17:09:41 <balloons> yummy gem

    17:09:45 <gema> balloons: it is 7pm for jibel

    17:09:52 <balloons> ahh..

    17:09:56 <phillw> we'll be round in an hour Smile :)

    17:10:00 <balloons> and for you

    17:10:04 <gema> 6pm

    17:10:19 <phillw> 6pm also

    17:10:20 <balloons> ok, so let's check the agenda

    17:10:40 <gema> hint: beta 2 17:10:41 * balloons phillw to fix feb 29th log, merge them, and make the regex for meetings page display all the logs again (balloons, 16:07:36)

    17:10:52 * phillw done Smile :)

    17:10:54 <MrChrisDruif> 7pm here

    17:10:56 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    17:11:09 <balloons> awesome phillw I see it's been done

    17:11:11 <balloons> looks good 17:11:17 * balloons balloons to send results of poll and provide the most suitable timeframes for one last round of polling. (balloons, 16:19:01)

    17:11:32 <phillw> it was the best I could without spending hours on the merge

    17:11:52 <balloons> This I also did.. Which I trust will help us by moving the time to something more convinent for everyone

    17:12:15 <phillw> balloons: what was the decision?

    17:12:18 <balloons> so, let's talk about the results

    17:12:33 <balloons> this was round 1.. if you'll remember: http://whenisgood.net/mzs4etp/results/x83kbr

    17:12:53 <balloons> for round 2, we picked 1 time slot perday and got people to vote

    17:13:58 <balloons> I was waiting hoping the time would be broken, but sadly we had 2 votes each option monday, tuesday, weds, thursday

    17:14:01 <balloons> no friday votes

    17:14:12 <balloons> This is the form https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFRBUjJ6ZVN0dk9YVDBvbmVhQ2VpQmc6MQ

    17:14:38 <balloons> So I'd like to make a decision now based upon that feedback, by also looking at the earlier survey to break the tie

    17:14:42 <balloons> make sense?

    17:15:15 <phillw> balloons: discard my vote... does that help enay?

    17:15:22 <phillw> *any*

    17:16:36 <balloons> heh

    17:16:38 <balloons> not really

    17:16:54 <balloons> I'm basically looking at doing it weds at 1400 I *think*

    17:17:20 <balloons> that gets us several people I know want to attend..

    17:17:35 <balloons> and is one of the best options from the survey

    17:17:58 <phillw> okies, weds 14:00 is fine by me Smile :)

    17:18:09 <balloons> tues @ 1900 UTC is the other strong response

    17:18:20 <balloons> but our poor european friends.. it's already so late for them

    17:18:42 <phillw> hmm, yeah 8pm is well past food time!

    17:18:55 <balloons> so I guess 1400 it is

    17:19:00 <balloons> same day, earlier time

    17:19:38 <balloons> [ACTION] balloons to announce new time for QA meeting, 1400 UTC weds 17:19:38 * meetingology balloons to announce new time for QA meeting, 1400 UTC weds

    17:19:51 <balloons> alrighty

    17:20:15 <balloons> so let's move on

    17:20:22 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    17:20:36 <balloons> I think gema dropped.. but as everyone knows it's beta 2 season

    17:20:43 <balloons> the beta should drop final tomorrow sometime

    17:21:19 <balloons> not much else to say.. the u+1 team has been busy helping out with iso testing

    17:21:35 <balloons> the lubuntu folks worked well last week with the ubiquity sprint

    17:21:41 <balloons> lots of good focused work being done

    17:21:46 <balloons> bugs squashed Wink ;-)

    17:23:20 <balloons> roginac, kaldor and myself converted the checkbox tests to the new qt format and those will be used for the app testing after beta2 is released

    17:23:28 <balloons> the new gui is much nicer than the old gtk gui

    17:24:06 <balloons> as an fyi, the repo has migrated as well to https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/checkbox/checkbox-app-testing-qt

    17:24:14 <balloons> questions?

    17:24:45 <balloons> ok.

    17:24:53 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    17:25:00 <balloons> phillw, I think it's just you on this one

    17:25:03 <balloons> Smile :-)

    17:25:06 <balloons> anything to share

    17:25:06 <phillw> It has gone fantastically well, until we started counting chickens before they hatched and got stung with bug 967257 about an hour ago. Work is on going as we speak. 27th March was okay, so there is a fall back if needed.

    17:25:07 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 967257 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "PPC Install CD from 28 Mar does not boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/967257

    17:25:46 <balloons> wow.. bizarre

    17:26:07 <phillw> a real pain.

    17:27:25 <balloons> I'll bet..

    17:27:47 <balloons> well.. I'd like to end this one early and plan for a big group next time Smile :-)

    17:28:16 <phillw> fine Smile :)

    17:28:40 <balloons> phillw, thanks for coming.. remember the new time

    17:28:46 <balloons> and we'll see more faces next week

    17:28:54 <balloons> #endmeeting

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