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Meeting summary

  • Ubuntu Updates
  • Flavour Updates
  • Lubuntu
  • Flavours
  • Xubuntu
  • Ubuntu Studio
  • Ubuntu Updates
  • Any Other Business
  • Ubuntu Update

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  • phillw (37)
  • astraljava (21)
  • skaet (14)
  • BEC (12)
  • EffenbergAway (8)

  • ubottu (4)
  • meetingology (3)
  • kanliot (1)

Full Log

  • 14:12:05 <phillw> #startmeeting QA Meeting

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    14:12:05 <astraljava> phillw: Use hash.

    14:12:23 <phillw> hi, you'll have to put up with me!

    14:12:42 <phillw> can all present please say aye (or the usual o/)

    14:12:48 <astraljava> o/

    14:14:08 <phillw> this will be a really short meeting :/

    14:14:13 <astraljava> Heh, indeed.

    14:14:51 <phillw> #topic Ubuntu Updates

    14:15:02 <phillw> is there anyone in from the Ubuntu team?

    14:16:09 <phillw> #topic Flavour Updates

    14:16:21 <phillw> #topic Lubuntu

    14:16:52 <phillw> All testing is going well, so nothing to really report

    14:17:39 <phillw> kanliot: will be liasing with QA during my absence, I know he will be extended the help & support you have given me

    14:17:53 <kanliot> thanks phillw

    14:18:19 <phillw> #topic Flavours

    14:18:41 <phillw> Any one in from other flavours who can give an update? 14:18:52 * astraljava is in for Xubuntu and Ubuntu Studio

    14:19:02 <phillw> #topic Xubuntu

    14:19:09 <phillw> astraljava: the floor is yours.

    14:19:37 <astraljava> Thanks phillw. Some small changes regarding artwork.

    14:19:48 <astraljava> There's been a change to mixer settings.

    14:20:04 <astraljava> We now prefer pavucontrol over xfce4-mixer for Xubuntu session.

    14:20:19 <astraljava> It partially works, unmuting still isn't fool-proof.

    14:20:38 <astraljava> There was also an icon issue found in indicator-plugin.

    14:21:12 <astraljava> There are _no_ icons if T-bird is not running, but placeholders when it is. It also concerns Evolution, so not technically Xubuntu-related only.

    14:21:45 <astraljava> New translations were requested for Abiword.

    14:22:08 <astraljava> I'm working on it together with the Debian maintainer, but expecting to just update the po/ directory.

    14:22:18 <astraljava> Nothing more for Xubuntu, IIRC.

    14:22:20 <astraljava> ..

    14:22:27 <phillw> astraljava: thanks

    14:22:43 <phillw> #topic Ubuntu Studio

    14:23:02 <astraljava> New -lowlatency kernel is landing soon-ish, needing lots of testing.

    14:23:19 <astraljava> Just found out that ubuntustudio-audio meta-package isn't installed by default, which worries me greatly.

    14:23:32 <astraljava> Also wanting to make the mixer change like Xubuntu.

    14:23:52 <astraljava> I'm working on the issue together with mr_pouit and other Xubuntu devs.

    14:24:13 <astraljava> Nothing more that I can think of right now.

    14:24:15 <astraljava> ..

    14:24:24 <phillw> astraljava: thanks

    14:24:35 <phillw> #Ubuntu Updates

    14:24:49 <phillw> #topic Ubuntu Updates

    14:25:08 <phillw> skaet: could you give us any news on Ubuntu, please? 14:26:21 * phillw did ask in -release if anyone was available, it seems not.

    14:26:43 <phillw> #topic Any Other Business

    14:27:07 <phillw> has anyone got any thing to add, with the exception of why no one is here! 14:27:15 * astraljava wonders if this new schedule is actually working out for everyone...

    14:27:48 <phillw> I'll catch up with balloons and find out what has happened... the email was sent!

    14:28:10 <EffenbergAway> I got no reply from Ballons in e-mails today, maybe he's busy with some other urgency 14:28:15 * skaet waves, just a sec

    14:28:54 <phillw> skaet: of course. do you want topic changing back to Ubuntu Updates?

    14:28:57 <skaet> Ubuntu will be kernel freezing on tomorrow at 2100 UTC. Am wondering how the low latency kernel state.

    14:29:09 <phillw> #topic Ubuntu Update

    14:29:21 <skaet> phillw, no matter.

    14:30:06 <skaet> Dates upcoming, Kernel Freeze - April 5, Final Freeze - April 12 (all important bug fixes should be added by this date)

    14:30:52 <skaet> Release Candidate Week starts - April 19 (all images produced after this point will need testing), as they could be the one we ship.

    14:31:01 <skaet> April 26 - Release Smile :)

    14:31:09 <skaet> that's the schedule for the month coming up...

    14:31:33 <phillw> skaet: has any progress been made on bug 972285 if there is a kernel freeze coming up?

    14:31:35 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 972285 in linux (Ubuntu) "segmentation fault when start on linux 3.0.0-18-generic" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/972285

    14:32:09 <skaet> A big thank you to the folks who got the last bug fixes in and tested. Beta 2 is looking good overall - not seeing any serious spikeds.

    14:32:46 <skaet> s/spikeds/spikes where we aren't expecting them in bug traffic Wink ;) /

    14:33:02 <phillw> the whole of this cycle has been outstandingly stable Smile :)

    14:33:25 <EffenbergAway> o/

    14:33:27 <skaet> Smile :)

    14:33:39 <phillw> EffenbergAway: the floor is yours

    14:33:44 <skaet> phillw, just know about that one, what is in the bug. Looks like the kernel team is on it.

    14:33:51 <BEC> my first time testing & it seems going smooth after my first run Big Grin :)

    14:33:55 <skaet> and a possible reversion would work. 14:34:05 * skaet ends

    14:34:07 <EffenbergAway> There is a growing number of users complaining about bug 951404 (and dups).

    14:34:09 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 951404 in lightdm (Ubuntu Precise) "Ubuntu 12.04 session don't open with lightdm" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/951404

    14:34:13 <EffenbergAway> I'm worried about it

    14:35:00 <EffenbergAway> Forum staff members asked for advice. It looks like removing unity-greeter for gtk is the only workaround for some

    14:35:17 <phillw> EffenbergAway: it has been allocated to the Canonical Desktop Team, so I'm sure it is being worked on

    14:35:29 <EffenbergAway> Thanks Philw Smile :)

    14:35:49 <BEC> I mailed yesternight about LyX; could someone check the package in the Software Center plz?

    14:36:51 <phillw> skaet: could you ask the Desktop team for an update and put it onto the bug?

    14:37:28 <EffenbergAway> BEC: 455.aMB/761.5MB

    14:37:49 <BEC> exactly; isn't that too big? on 10.04 it is around 10.5M

    14:37:51 <BEC> total

    14:38:22 <phillw> BEC: yeah, I saw that bug in my emails... a bit odd, to say the least.

    14:38:30 <skaet> phillw, have put out some pings. will ask.

    14:38:34 <BEC> btw didn't bug it

    14:38:39 <BEC> should i?

    14:38:47 <phillw> BEC: yes please

    14:38:52 <BEC> thx

    14:38:59 <BEC> i will

    14:39:23 <phillw> any one else?

    14:39:23 <EffenbergAway> Build includes debug info? Probably strip and o3?

    14:40:42 <BEC> the following bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/969485 & https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/969700; are they gona be fixed?

    14:40:44 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 969485 in linux (Ubuntu) "Fan working non-stop" [Medium,Confirmed]

    14:40:45 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 969700 in linux (Ubuntu) "Sound imbalance" [Medium,Confirmed]

    14:42:15 <BEC> btw, a a few months ago I lost the suspend & hibernate features on 10.04; when I use them the system shutdowns instead; not sure of the reason

    14:42:29 <BEC> any idea of its possible cause?

    14:42:43 <phillw> BEC: I've found that getting a few 'affects me' people onto a bug gets it noticed as it raises the heat.

    14:44:00 <BEC> i noticed that too; so they might not get a fix soon?

    14:44:14 <phillw> Well, thanks to those who made it. Hopfully for next week more people will have read their e-mails about the new time of the meeting.

    14:44:53 <phillw> #endmeeting

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