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LINK: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2012-April/006024.html (Riddell, 14:16:00) LINK: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/214/builds/15941/testcases (ScottK, 14:17:58) LINK: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/214/builds/16004/testcases (ScottK, 14:18:11)

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  • 14:02:09 <balloons> #startmeeting ubuntu qa community

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    14:02:30 <balloons> can i get a roll call on this fine spring (or fall) day?

    14:04:37 <astraljava> o/ 14:04:42 * astraljava is on a very bad connection

    14:05:43 <balloons> ahh

    14:06:28 <astraljava> balloons: Is it okay if I just present our issues now, and then get on my way?

    14:06:40 <balloons> astraljava, yes, no problem

    14:06:42 <balloons> Smile :-)

    14:06:43 <astraljava> Thanks!

    14:06:50 <astraljava> Studio is fine, images -> final.

    14:07:39 <astraljava> Xubuntu is fine except Wubi, which is a problem. I noticed that jibel has tested it on Alpha-2.

    14:07:47 <astraljava> But otherwise we might not have support for it.

    14:08:01 <astraljava> So we have to discuss about it later tonight.

    14:08:07 <astraljava> That's about it.

    14:08:09 <astraljava> ..

    14:08:10 <balloons> astraljava, yes someone was asking about getting xubuntu wubi testing..

    14:08:15 <balloons> but they asked so late yesterday

    14:08:16 <astraljava> It was me. Smile :)

    14:08:54 <balloons> lol -- I see to remember a different username

    14:09:35 <balloons> cool

    14:09:47 <astraljava> balloons: Can you ask jibel if he has time for it? Otherwise I'm afraid we cannot guarantee it's quality.

    14:10:08 <astraljava> But that's it. Any questions?

    14:10:17 <balloons> astraljava, I can try and get a wubi tester on it.. i don't think we'll find an issue with it tho tbh

    14:10:30 <balloons> wubi has been suprisingly good since the couple fixes last week

    14:11:08 <astraljava> Okay, so I'll refer to that when skaet asks.

    14:11:22 <balloons> yes, you should Smile :-) but we'll shoot for a result anyway

    14:11:38 <astraljava> It'd be good.

    14:11:40 <balloons> well, since we're sticking with short and sweet, jibel just announced we had a record-breaking iso testing period

    14:11:54 <astraljava> Heheh. Smile :) Cool.

    14:12:11 <balloons> as of now, we stand at 108 contributors, and 1187 results!

    14:12:21 <astraljava> w0w!

    14:12:38 <astraljava> Right, I'm off. Thanks Nick! Talk to you later tonight.

    14:12:50 <balloons> kk Smile :-) cheers mate

    14:14:24 <balloons> anyone else about?

    14:14:32 <kanliot> sorry i was late

    14:14:54 <kanliot> i can report that there's nothing causing a problem in lubuntu

    14:15:02 <balloons> thinking thru the flavors quickly.. kubuntu is looking good, edubuntu also looking good, ubuntu studio is good.. xubuntu needs wubi testing

    14:15:16 <balloons> and kanliot reports lubuntu is good Smile :-)

    14:15:18 <balloons> awesome!

    14:15:19 <ScottK> balloons: Still need i386 wubi on Kubuntu.

    14:15:25 <Riddell> actually kubuntu has a problem in the dist upgrade notificaiton

    14:15:31 <balloons> ScottK, I got that for you this morning..

    14:15:32 <Riddell> I'll need testers for the fix there

    14:15:42 <Riddell> when it's ready

    14:15:47 <balloons> Riddell, can you link?

    14:15:57 <ScottK> balloons: He's got to write the code first.

    14:16:00 <Riddell> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2012-April/006024.html

    14:16:42 <balloons> Well, I mean the i386 is going on right now as we speak.. let's see

    14:17:01 <ScottK> Excellent.

    14:17:12 <ScottK> We could also use help with amd64+mac images.

    14:17:23 <ScottK> The guy that was testing them over the weekend seems to have vanished.

    14:17:28 <balloons> On kubuntu?

    14:17:39 <ScottK> Yes

    14:17:41 <balloons> let me check the list

    14:17:58 <ScottK> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/214/builds/15941/testcases

    14:18:11 <ScottK> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/214/builds/16004/testcases

    14:20:09 <balloons> hmm..

    14:20:54 <balloons> who was testing them ScottK ?

    14:21:03 <ScottK> shadeslayer.

    14:21:20 <ScottK> He seems to have got lost in the wilds of India the last few days though.

    14:21:28 <balloons> lol

    14:22:12 <balloons> well, I'll try a 2 for 1 deal.. are th eamd+64 isos going to be rebuilt when you make the dist-upgrade fix?

    14:23:16 <balloons> basically, I can put folks on alert to test as soon as the change drops.. I don't want to make them test twice if we know a respin is coming Smile :-)

    14:23:56 <kanliot> balloons is that dist-upgrade notification issue .... what is the bug # (should i test for lubuntu?)

    14:24:44 <balloons> kanliot, sounds like it's just for kde.. Looks like a muon bug

    14:24:53 <kanliot> ty

    14:25:04 <balloons> np

    14:25:31 <balloons> ok, so in summary, release is looking good for tomorrow. Xubuntu would like wubi testing, kubuntu waiting on wubi results, and would like amd64+mac help..

    14:25:59 <balloons> Anyone else? Any status updates or questions/concerns?

    14:27:50 <Riddell> balloons: kubuntu will need oneiric testing

    14:27:53 <Riddell> for upgrade notifications

    14:29:36 <balloons> ok, Riddell I'll stay in #ubuntu-release.. do let me know when the changes are live

    14:30:05 <balloons> I think that's all then folks.. Crunch time! Let's have a good release. And don't forget to celebrate!

    14:30:25 <balloons> #endmeeting

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