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  • Ubuntu Updates
  • Ubuntu Flavor Updates
  • Other topcis

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule (skaet, 14:47:00)

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  • 14:00:25 <balloons> #startmeeting QA community

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    14:00:45 <balloons> who all is about on this fine day?

    14:00:52 <tristenw> YO

    14:01:06 <skaet> o/ 14:02:04 * gema hides

    14:02:45 <balloons> hehe

    14:02:56 <balloons> alright, this meeting is mostly going to be about sharing plans and talking about goals for the cycle

    14:03:17 <balloons> We have no previous actions, so let's start with ubuntu

    14:03:27 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    14:04:17 <balloons> gema, would you care to start off and talk about your team's plans?

    14:04:32 <balloons> you don't need to worry about being exhaustive :-0

    14:04:41 <gema> hahaha, no worries

    14:04:58 <gema> I can summarize it quite neatly: we are going to improve automated testing

    14:05:01 <gema> how?

    14:05:17 <gema> well, we keep working on UTAH and will start using it in the lab soon

    14:05:35 <gema> we've improved the lab and installed a massive openstack, we are calling it QA Stack

    14:05:59 <gema> and we will be trying to convey all the test results and new testing we start doing more effectively

    14:06:05 <gema> by reporting results to the tracker as well

    14:06:26 <gema> we are also going to start having the team meetings on youtube

    14:06:32 <gema> just in case people are curious what we are up to

    14:06:44 <gema> g+ streaming to youtube

    14:07:07 <gema> and I have a suggestion to you nick, we could do the same with this meeting

    14:07:13 <gema> EOM

    14:07:52 <balloons> gema, thanks for the update.. So where might I get to see your meetings on youtube?

    14:08:02 <balloons> will you send a link out to the mailing list?

    14:08:12 <gema> balloons: I am talking to IS at the moment to get the whole thing set up

    14:08:27 <gema> balloons: I will let you know once it is up, I am not sure how it will look like

    14:08:52 <balloons> gotcha. Once you've trialed it out I'm open to ideas on doing the same on this meeting

    14:09:00 <gema> ack, will keep you posted

    14:09:09 <balloons> right now you would be seeing me and a puppy Smile :-)

    14:09:22 <balloons> everyone loves puppies right?

    14:09:26 <gema> yes

    14:09:29 <tristenw> Smile :)

    14:09:35 <balloons> Smile :-)

    14:09:52 <gema> the nice thing about it is that people can join the hangout and drop when they finish talking

    14:09:57 <gema> and then the 10 people limit doesn't matter

    14:10:07 <gema> cos many can watch and whoever needs to talk can join

    14:10:09 <balloons> Ok, I guess I will also update before moving onto flavors. Does anyone have questions for gema before I give my speil?

    14:10:09 <gema> it's very cool 14:11:22 * gema goes to hide again

    14:11:28 <balloons> no questions? awesome. So on my end, I am still finalizing the last of the blueprints and decisions we made at UDS. I plan to blog once everything is complete. Should be sometime this week

    14:11:42 <balloons> However, here's a quick summary, of which I'm happy to take questions

    14:13:26 <balloons> I am remaining focused on manual testing this cycle -- and that is going to include iso, sru and application testing.

    14:14:09 <balloons> the feedback from UDS was to: improve the process, recognize contributors, avoid burnout

    14:15:08 <balloons> The biggest change is that we are going to use the isotracker software to handle running application testcases, sru's and do our testcase management

    14:16:17 <balloons> that should make everything easier. I'm going to continue and expand the adopt an iso program to ensure people are not getting burned out by having to do everything by themselves; especially at the increased cadence we would like to see. Also, we're focusing on ensuring our tests our meaningful and avoiding re-work

    14:18:03 <balloons> on the community front, I'm organizing a roundtable that we'll plan on doing once (perhaps twice?) a cycle to ensure we as a community (flavors teams, testing teams, etc) are all communicating and participating and helping each other as needed. As we learn best practices and create new tools, this will be an oppurtunity to share

    14:19:01 <balloons> we'll also be cleaning up and revitalizing a couple current launchpad teams to ensure membership is current and the folks are active.

    14:20:18 <balloons> I think that's hitting most of the high points.. There are other things we will look to accomplish, and I'm always open to ideas, so as ever feel free to contact me

    14:20:26 <balloons> any questions for me?

    14:21:39 <cesilko> has this membership confirmation been done in the past too?

    14:21:57 <balloons> cesilko, what do you mean membership confirmation?

    14:22:12 <balloons> you mean with the launchpad team cleanup?

    14:22:21 <cesilko> you said that you want to assure that folks are active

    14:22:45 <balloons> yes. Many launchpad teams have an expiration policy to ensure teams stay current and relevant

    14:22:45 <cesilko> I apologize if this is a dumb question, I am kind of a newbie here Smile :)

    14:22:52 <balloons> no no -- great question

    14:23:14 <cesilko> okay, thanks for the answer

    14:23:20 <tristenw> I am curious as well, I know there was a drawn out discussion in the mail list

    14:23:21 <balloons> the idea is once a cycle (or whenever we wish), folks would be asked to click a link to renew membership in the team

    14:24:01 <cesilko> makes sense, great

    14:24:02 <balloons> people will come and go, and we want to make sure people on the team want to be on the team and are actively participating

    14:24:26 <cesilko> exactly, we do it too @ NetBeans

    14:24:32 <gema> balloons: just expire us all and wait until we come to you begging Wink ;)

    14:26:13 <balloons> Ohh, I should also mention on the recognition front. I want to do a few things. First off, I want to make sure we as a community recognize each other's work. I think we are fairly successful at this. Secondly, I want to provide some swag, enhanced responsibility/opportunity for folks who demonstrate good work. This could mean getting some hardware to help test (if they don't have access to it), etc. Also, I want to clarify and help anyone who is

    14:26:14 <balloons> contributing but is not a ubuntu member know that there QA contributions can be reognized towards membership

    14:27:18 <balloons> I myself am applying for membership, so if there are any ubuntu members who can speak for me, I would appreciate comments on my wiki page Smile :-) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/balloons

    14:28:45 <balloons> so yea.. LOTS of opportunities this cycle.. I could type and type, but I will move on to flavor updates Smile :-)

    14:29:16 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    14:29:30 <balloons> ok, I know several flavors couldn't make it today

    14:29:41 <balloons> so I'll just call each one and see who is here

    14:29:50 <balloons> Xubuntu?

    14:30:23 <balloons> Kubuntu?

    14:30:56 <balloons> Lubuntu?

    14:31:08 <ScottK> Hello

    14:31:14 <balloons> Hi ScottK Smile :-)

    14:31:21 <ScottK> Yesterday we uploaded KDE SC 4.8.3 to precise-proposed.

    14:31:35 <ScottK> That'll be a QA focus for us and we'd love to have more testers.

    14:31:38 <ScottK> ..

    14:32:10 <balloons> ScottK, the best way to get involved with kubuntu qa is to vist the #kubuntu channel yes?

    14:32:21 <ScottK> balloons: #kubuntu-devel.

    14:32:29 <ScottK> #kubuntu is user support.

    14:32:36 <balloons> ahh yes, sorry :-0

    14:32:39 <ScottK> We handle QA on the dev channel.

    14:32:42 <ScottK> No problem.

    14:32:58 <ScottK> It's still building, so don't go try to install it this very minute.

    14:33:00 <balloons> Any plans for the cycle surrounding QA? Any changes to testing ideas, iso testing, etc?

    14:33:15 <ScottK> I wasn't at UDS, so I'm not sure.

    14:33:24 <balloons> one of the things discussed at UDS was testcases for flavors

    14:33:51 <balloons> meaning writing the tests with the flavors in mind, and not using the generic ubuntu testcases.. not sure if kubuntu was going to pursue that or not

    14:33:53 <ScottK> I've found when doing ISO testing that I can figure out what I should test for Kubuntu based on the Ubuntu test case.

    14:34:15 <ScottK> Personally I'd expect it to be more work than it was worth.

    14:34:24 <ScottK> (I didn't discuss it with anyone thoug)

    14:34:29 <balloons> ScottK, gotcha. Thanks for the update

    14:34:31 <ScottK> h

    14:34:45 <balloons> don't worry we're not holding you to speaking for all of kubuntu :-0

    14:35:05 <balloons> ok, how's about edubuntu?

    14:36:15 <ScottK> Maybe adding a footnote or two to the existing Ubuntu test cases would do it.

    14:36:15 <ScottK> That'd be a lot less maintenance work, but still help out where people might be confused.

    14:36:15 <ScottK> Just a thought.

    14:37:04 <balloons> ScottK, well you would be able to clone the existing tests.. Something to talk about and think about over the cycle

    14:37:45 <ScottK> Right, but once it's cloned, then if the Ubuntu test gets updated, someone has to import the change into the Kubuntu test case.

    14:37:52 <balloons> yep,

    14:38:02 <ScottK> That's the maintenance burden that worries me.

    14:38:15 <ScottK> It'd be way smoother if we could do it without having to fork the test case.

    14:38:37 <gema> balloons: maybe we could tag test cases as to which flavours they apply

    14:38:53 <balloons> yes, it's something you will have to maintain

    14:39:00 <gema> balloons: that way the flavors that can actually use the test cases as is do not need to worry about the maintenance burden

    14:39:11 <gema> not me, the community

    14:39:16 <gema> we are talking manual testing, right?

    14:39:25 <balloons> gema, I'm not sure what you mean persay.. as of right now you get a link

    14:39:42 <balloons> you mean the testcase can apply to multiple flavors?

    14:39:47 <balloons> it's that way now

    14:39:58 <gema> now it is like that because it happens to be

    14:40:05 <gema> we could make it explicit, and therefore manageable

    14:40:31 <gema> we could tag the test cases as applicable to ubuntu, kubuntu and ubuntu studio , for instance

    14:40:50 <gema> and that test case will be one to take into account for those flavors in particular

    14:41:10 <gema> balloons: this is a burden on stgraber, because it is more implementation

    14:41:13 <gema> that's all

    14:41:17 <balloons> can you remember and bring it up next week when meeting with stgraber ?

    14:41:20 <gema> yes

    14:41:24 <balloons> thanks

    14:41:49 <balloons> ok, finally let's try and see if ubuntu studio has anyone about?

    14:41:55 <balloons> and then we can close out this topic

    14:43:16 <balloons> ok, great.

    14:43:18 <balloons> moving on

    14:43:23 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topcis

    14:43:30 <balloons> my fat fingers.. Smile :-)

    14:44:00 <balloons> basically, this is open to anything anyone wishes to discuss.. let me know and the floor is yours.

    14:44:11 <tristenw> !

    14:44:20 <balloons> yes tristenw go ahead

    14:44:36 <tristenw> I'm looking to switch from a testing perspective to coding, I just need someone to mentor me a little

    14:44:48 <tristenw> have python background already

    14:45:08 <balloons> tristenw, hehe.. do you like web programming and/or have messed with django?

    14:45:22 <tristenw> haven't no

    14:45:32 <skaet> o/

    14:45:32 <balloons> If so, there's oppurtunities to help develop tools we as a QA community use

    14:45:44 <tristenw> could learn I guess though

    14:45:58 <balloons> If your focusing on wanting to learn desktop apps, I can put you in touch with some folks on that end as well

    14:46:19 <tristenw> that would be superb, and I'll start working on django too

    14:46:45 <balloons> tristenw, send me an email afterwards and I'll get you hooked up

    14:46:49 <tristenw> k

    14:46:56 <balloons> yes skaet , go ahead

    14:47:00 <skaet> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule

    14:47:03 <balloons> and thank you tristenw Smile :-)

    14:47:10 <tristenw> yw

    14:47:16 <skaet> draft is getting pretty close to finalized now.

    14:47:22 <balloons> skaet, ahh yes.. good point to mention

    14:47:41 <skaet> if anyone has concerns about it, email to ubuntu-release maillist. Smile :)

    14:48:02 <balloons> So if everyone has a look, you'll notice we have a column on that schedule

    14:48:34 <skaet> balloons, actually thats: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseInterlock Smile :)

    14:48:44 <balloons> ohh.. you didn't send the big sheet link

    14:48:59 <skaet> I just pasted the master schedule first. Now you've got the link to the "big one" Smile :)

    14:49:09 <balloons> skaet, thanks

    14:49:32 <balloons> so yes, please have a look. As a community, we're looking to perform the tasks and work in that community testing column 14:50:34 * skaet nods

    14:50:45 <balloons> basically we want to help ensure things are smooth before milestones, and before isotesting events. We want a lighter workload, with more people testing.. but there is more being asked of us this cycle

    14:52:21 <balloons> ok, anything else?

    14:52:46 <balloons> any questions or comments on the schedule? I'll open a thread on the ml about it also so everyone gets a chance to see it

    14:53:06 <balloons> if not, thanks for coming out everyone and we're done! Smile :-)

    14:53:06 <skaet> thanks! Smile :)

    14:53:17 <tristenw> bye Smile :)

    14:53:21 <balloons> #endmeeting

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