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  • Ubuntu Updates
  • Ubuntu Flavor Updates
  • Other topics

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  • 14:01:10 <balloons> #startmeeting QA Community IRC Meeting

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    14:01:33 <balloons> who's all about?

    14:01:40 <phillw> o/

    14:01:43 <gema> o/

    14:02:44 <balloons> awesome, we have gema today Smile :-)

    14:03:02 <balloons> alrighty anyway.. let's dive in

    14:03:20 <balloons> no previous actions again, so we can go straight to topic

    14:03:23 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    14:03:45 <balloons> gema, I'll let you give an update of what your team is doing

    14:03:57 <gema> balloons: hi, thanks

    14:04:15 <gema> so we are working on moving iso testing into utah, which is ready to start producing results

    14:04:33 <gema> we are also trying to add coverage to kernel sru testing, in particular to lts backports

    14:04:58 <gema> and we are working on a dashboard to extract all teh results from jenkins and present them in a better way

    14:05:21 <gema> I think that is all from us, really, we started to have public team meetings on monday

    14:05:29 <gema> so if anyone wants to follow more closely what we are doing

    14:05:38 <gema> they are welcome to watch them either live of after the event 14:06:20 * astraljava apologizes for being late

    14:06:41 <gema> that's all from me 14:07:09 * astraljava also apologizes for stepping in between gema's update

    14:07:19 <gema> astraljava: no worries, I was just finishing, welcome Big Grin :)

    14:07:27 <astraljava> Danke. Smile :)

    14:07:42 <balloons> thanks gema.. The first of such videos is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4ED30JebT4

    14:07:55 <balloons> I can assume the rest wil show up on that channel right?

    14:08:05 <gema> yes, I will be uploading them weekly

    14:08:27 <gema> in any case, if you guys use g+, just add me and it will appear on your stream

    14:08:50 <balloons> alright, any questions for gema?

    14:09:10 <astraljava> gema: Your real name isn't visible with nickserv. How can we find you on G+?

    14:09:24 <gema> gema.gomez-solano@canonical.com should do the trick

    14:09:32 <astraljava> Thanks!

    14:09:42 <gema> if you find two gema gomezs just pick the one with the ubuntu logo

    14:09:56 <balloons> hehe

    14:09:59 <gema> I will add you guys back

    14:10:10 <astraljava> Excellent, thanks! Smile :)

    14:10:44 <balloons> Alright, so I'll give a quick update myself then from the community side

    14:13:06 <balloons> Since alpha 1 released after the meeting last week, I don't think we had a chance to cover it yet Smile :-) So in short, I think the pre-testing focus week was successful, even though we announced late and only had a few days instead of the whole week. Many thanks to those of you who ran the daily in advance. At least 4 bugs were found and fixed, preventing respins which is good news

    14:14:38 <balloons> jibel's full report can be seen here; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ReleaseReports/QuantalAlpha1TestReport. However I would like to point out that we hit 100% mandatory coverage on the ubuntu desktop iso's which is awesome.

    14:15:14 <balloons> So currently, we have a call for kernel testing the 12.10 kernel on 12.04, and we're using a new build of qatracker to do it

    14:15:58 <balloons> Any feedback on how the tracker is working would be most welcome.

    14:17:03 <balloons> As far as what's coming up, the first roundtable with the community team leads will be happening in a couple weeks. I'm excitied about all of us getting together and be able to collaborate and help each other

    14:18:36 <balloons> Additionally, work will be on-going to migrate the manual testcases over to the qatracker, and I'll be updating and ensuring the tests are in good shape and make sense for what's needed

    14:19:32 <balloons> Lastly, as you may have seen, read or heard about on this blueprint: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/qa-q-friendly-integration

    14:20:27 <balloons> plans are being made this cycle to bring the community hardware database to life. I am doing some technical work this week with the HEXR team to plan i

    14:20:50 <balloons> fingers crossed, it's something we may see this cycle, which would be a nice surprise :-0

    14:21:17 <balloons> any questions for me?

    14:22:25 <balloons> k, if not then, let's move on

    14:22:36 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    14:22:57 <balloons> phillw, would you like to kick us off with lubuntu?

    14:23:24 <phillw> all is suspiciously quiet with lubuntu. No major issues

    14:24:27 <balloons> hehe.. fair enough

    14:24:43 <balloons> alright, astraljava care to go next?

    14:24:51 <astraljava> I can, for sure.

    14:25:26 <astraljava> On the Xubuntu side, we updated to Xfce 4.10 for quantal. I haven't heard of any big issues, but quite frankly, I don't think that many people are testing it ATM.

    14:25:32 <astraljava> I haven't, which is baaad.

    14:25:48 <astraljava> But I will try to pick up that soonish, it's been a tough spring/early summer.

    14:26:24 <astraljava> On the Studio side, the change with Xfce caused our images not to build. This has just recently been addressed, so no testing on this has happened either.

    14:26:41 <astraljava> We're waiting on first images in the next couple of following days.

    14:26:46 <astraljava> ..

    14:27:26 <balloons> astraljava, so you'll be all set for alpha 2?

    14:28:00 <astraljava> We're gonna have to go through a lot for that to happen, but we're having a Xubuntu QA meeting this Sunday, so let me get back to you on that one. Smile :)

    14:28:05 <astraljava> On Studio, I'm not too sure.

    14:28:20 <astraljava> Things sadly fell apart for Studio after the release of precise.

    14:28:37 <astraljava> We've been trying to get things going again, but it's been a slow progress.

    14:28:40 <astraljava> ..

    14:29:10 <astraljava> Oh, one more thing.

    14:29:25 <astraljava> We're having a Xubuntu Team meeting right after this one, so I'll know more in 2 hours.

    14:29:33 <astraljava> .. (now for realsies)

    14:30:42 <balloons> astraljava, alright thank you for the update

    14:30:51 <balloons> anyone from kubuntu about?

    14:33:09 <balloons> alright, how about edubuntu?

    14:35:27 <balloons> ok, let's move on then

    14:35:36 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics

    14:35:48 <phillw> o/

    14:35:50 <balloons> last but not least.. anything else you guys want to chat about?

    14:35:56 <balloons> phillw, go ahead

    14:36:05 <phillw> One more (did I say this earlier?): apport now tells me when I try to

    14:36:05 <phillw> report a bug that is already known, but fails to provide me a link to

    14:36:06 <phillw> the Laundpad bug report concerned... can we please make it let me click

    14:36:06 <phillw> through to view that bug, or at least display the bug number for me?

    14:36:12 <phillw> from one of our testers

    14:37:04 <balloons> phillw, right now, if you hit details you can see the bug number, I do know that

    14:37:10 <balloons> it's the "duplicateof" tag

    14:37:20 <balloons> however, the point is still well taken

    14:37:39 <balloons> is there an enhancement request opened under apport? if you file one, I'll bring it up directly

    14:37:53 <balloons> apport is getting changes as usual over the course of the cycle

    14:38:11 <balloons> I think how it handles dupes could be improved.. and your suggestion is a step towards that

    14:38:53 <phillw> I'll ask JM to raise a bug.

    14:38:59 <astraljava> o/

    14:39:31 <balloons> astraljava, shoot

    14:39:47 <balloons> phillw, yes and then just pass the number to me if you would. thanks!

    14:40:01 <astraljava> One particular question about the roundtable meeting, and one general one for handling the meeting requests/invitations.

    14:40:23 <astraljava> First, what's the correct time for the roundtable meeting?

    14:40:36 <astraljava> I was told the link has a different time than what's actually in the email. 14:40:41 * balloons goes to look

    14:41:18 <balloons> I have it at 1700 UC

    14:41:52 <astraljava> The second has to do with the google calendar links. As my email that I use for ubuntu-related work isn't a google one, is there a way to make it work with the calendar invitations automagically? I do have a google account, but can it make use other emails so that invitations to that other email are identified with my google account as well?

    14:42:13 <balloons> i said we'd be meeting at 1600 UTC looks like in the email

    14:42:52 <balloons> google calendar doesn't do daylight savings, and it makes scheduling this stuff an epic fail, since it shows on my personal calendar incorrectly

    14:43:00 <astraljava> Yeah. Smile :)

    14:43:13 <balloons> so I believe I adjusted the meeting manually so it popped at the proper local time

    14:43:26 <balloons> this meeting is notoriously bad for that as well.. Smile :-)

    14:43:40 * astraljava recalls it as such, yes... Smile :)

    14:43:42 <balloons> I never know when it is, until I simply scheduled it at the wrong time in google calendar

    14:43:58 <balloons> which of course, is actually the proper time in EDT, not ESt

    14:44:03 <balloons> anyways, I digress

    14:44:19 <astraljava> So, on UTC, it is...?

    14:44:26 <balloons> 1600 UTC

    14:44:32 <astraljava> Ok, thanks.

    14:44:45 <balloons> pencil that in however you must

    14:44:49 <balloons> Smile :-)

    14:44:49 <astraljava> If anyone has info on my second question, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    14:44:56 <astraljava> Sure. Smile :)

    14:45:22 <balloons> on the google calendar thing.. umm, you can import events to your google calendar

    14:45:33 <balloons> or try forwarding the email as is to your google account

    14:46:07 <astraljava> Ok, I'll try that, thanks.

    14:46:53 <balloons> alrighty, anything else?

    14:46:58 <balloons> if not, you know what that means 14:47:09 * gema runs to her next meeting..

    14:47:13 <balloons> Smile :-)

    14:47:16 <astraljava> PAH-TEE?! 14:47:32 * balloons feels like we need a closing theme music

    14:47:37 <balloons> yes, the end.

    14:47:44 <balloons> thanks for coming everyone!

    14:47:46 <balloons> #endmeeting

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