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  • Ubuntu Updates
  • Ubuntu Flavor Updates
  • Other topics

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  • 14:13:34 <phillw> #startmeeting

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    14:13:44 <phillw> #chair balloons

    14:13:44 <meetingology> Current chairs: balloons phillw

    14:14:10 <balloons> I hit that so many times.. nothing showed..

    14:14:11 <balloons> zzzzzzz

    14:14:16 <balloons> anyways, who's all here?

    14:15:50 <balloons> heh, let's go look at the topics we have

    14:15:52 <phillw> hmm, looks like a short meeting!

    14:16:04 <balloons> yes, which is just as well

    14:16:47 <balloons> [Topic] Ubuntu Updates

    14:16:53 <balloons> hey! it worked

    14:17:44 <balloons> so updates for ubuntu.. well, the desktop stuff is starting to land. We've had the kernel call for testing going on, and added the twist of trying to ensure we have a range of hardware being tested

    14:18:52 <balloons> unity is on the radar to start going through some testing iterations I hope, and i suspect we'll also start to see more special testing runs as features start to land

    14:19:11 <balloons> alpha 3 should be a few things, and the period between it and beta will be busy!

    14:22:51 <balloons> Also, I'm started looking at the ARM testcases and will be asking around for folks interested in ARM soon

    14:23:00 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Flavor Updates

    14:23:14 <balloons> phillw, since your here.. take the lead

    14:23:51 <phillw> in terms of things landing, we're similar to ubuntu. The applications we're going to ship are now getting added

    14:23:59 <phillw> bug 1018533 has been resolved

    14:24:01 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1018533 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "Cannot manually change partitions" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1018533

    14:24:34 <phillw> however bug 1007394 really needs a bit of love, as it completely blocks the ppc alternate.

    14:24:35 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1007394 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "Quantal daily fails to complete installation" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1007394

    14:25:39 <phillw> I'm, not sure as to if to raise its importance to critical as it stops the installation deaed?

    14:25:41 <balloons> ohh, inreresting

    14:25:53 <phillw> *dead*

    14:26:00 <balloons> yes, for the ppc image it's dead right/

    14:26:15 <balloons> btw, how's the no firefox ppc build bug coming along?

    14:26:54 <phillw> julien is still working on it, and has included another browser for the time being (the name of which escapes me!).

    14:27:50 <balloons> gotcha

    14:28:22 <phillw> Midori

    14:28:45 <balloons> yes, pretty neat little browser

    14:29:44 <phillw> that's all to report from lubuntu.

    14:31:54 <balloons> alright, let's see if any other flavors are here and wish to speak up?

    14:32:21 <balloons> kubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu studio, edubuntu, mythbuntu?

    14:33:53 <balloons> If not, we'll move on

    14:34:05 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics

    14:34:21 <balloons> Ok, lastly does anyone have anything else they wish to add to the agenda?

    14:36:43 <balloons> ok, so I'll just finish my final pieces

    14:37:07 <balloons> I wanted to highlight again that we're doing daily iso tests this week as part of our 2 week cadence for testing the dailies

    14:37:29 <balloons> phillw, I'll bring up that bug btw.. thanks for bringing it to my attn

    14:38:34 <balloons> If your doing any installs or messing around with the daily cd's this week, please file reports of success of failure against the dailies.

    14:39:29 <balloons> I think that's all folks!

    14:39:51 <balloons> #endmeeting

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