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  • Previous Actions
  • Ubuntu Updates

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates (balloons, 14:08:23)

  • Other topics
  • Power PC fail to build
  • Testcase Admins Team sandbox and mailing list discussion

LINK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~sandra-farnedi-d/+reportedbugs (njin, 14:45:16)

Meeting ended at 14:52:36 UTC.


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  • smartboyhw (47)
  • phillw (20)
  • njin (5)
  • bikefridaywalter (4)
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  • 14:00:37 <balloons> #startmeeting Ubuntu QA Community

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    14:00:46 <balloons> alright, roll call time

    14:00:53 <balloons> i'll raise my own hand Smile :-)

    14:00:54 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:01:03 <phillw> \o

    14:01:06 <balloons> \o

    14:01:07 <smartboyhw> Who is on the namelist?

    14:02:08 <smartboyhw> Oh sorry:)

    14:02:29 <xnox> \o

    14:02:59 <balloons> alright, we shall dive into the agenda

    14:03:11 <smartboyhw> Smile :)

    14:03:21 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions 14:03:40 * balloons balloons to follow-up with ubuntu-qa website changes

    14:04:09 <balloons> I actually have news on this. We can change the theme in launchpad, and the admin will redploy

    14:04:10 <njin> \�

    14:04:21 <smartboyhw> Yeah

    14:04:32 <balloons> sadly I can't get the update I want for wordpress, but this will still work

    14:04:50 <balloons> It's on my to-do list, but volunteers are welcome to pitch in here

    14:05:03 <smartboyhw> wordpress?

    14:05:09 <balloons> need to be able to use lp and bzr.. the change is basic html

    14:05:13 <smartboyhw> I don´t understand balloons

    14:05:42 <balloons> smartboyhw, wordpress is a the engine running the site

    14:05:52 <smartboyhw> OK I get it

    14:05:57 <smartboyhw> phillw can do that I think

    14:05:59 * balloons balloons to fix regex on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings 14:06:05 * smartboyhw is not using any ubuntu system for now...

    14:06:12 <balloons> That's done, regex is all fixed up now

    14:06:21 <phillw> i saw, thanks Smile :)

    14:06:26 <balloons> I believe that's it for previous actions

    14:06:28 <smartboyhw> Thx

    14:06:28 <balloons> anything else?

    14:07:12 <TheLordOfTime> \o

    14:07:14 <TheLordOfTime> (late attendance)

    14:07:24 <smartboyhw> That´s a lot of people today

    14:07:40 <balloons> ok, moving on to more exciting things

    14:07:51 <smartboyhw> Smile :)

    14:07:52 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    14:08:17 <balloons> the big excitement this week is the testcase work going on

    14:08:17 <smartboyhw> Is it that Beta 2 Freeze and DocumentationStringFreeze is tmr?

    14:08:23 <balloons> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates

    14:09:54 <balloons> the goal is to have the testcases for flavors and other leftover tests all pushed into the tracker this week

    14:10:08 <balloons> in support of the efforts, a new version of the tracker with some nice improvements is also landing

    14:10:59 <balloons> it will have collapsible testcases, date filtering for reports, and will allow us to use variables in our testcases to support multiple flavors better

    14:11:37 <balloons> beta2 testing will be next week, and as mentioned, the doc and string freeze along with beta2 freeze is happening tomorrow

    14:12:12 <balloons> I would expect the first candidate images this Friday/Monday for beta2 as usual

    14:12:37 <balloons> after the beta2 release, the RC (and testing!) comes quickly so get ready

    14:13:09 <balloons> Also, I sent some things to the list about new stuff landing in quantal

    14:13:46 <balloons> new dash's, new beta drivers for graphics and some other things.. read the archives if your interested in seeing what's still trickling in Smile :-)

    14:13:47 <balloons> any questions or further comments on what's going on in ubuntu?

    14:14:23 <smartboyhw> len-dt: \o

    14:14:27 <smartboyhw> Sorry

    14:14:39 <smartboyhw> I want to \o and accidentally pinged one of the Studio guys

    14:14:45 <smartboyhw> balloons: Have question

    14:14:50 <balloons> smartboyhw, go ahead

    14:15:14 <smartboyhw> Migration of legacy testcases to isotracker testcases

    14:16:06 <smartboyhw> Does that mean only changing words which are ¨Ubuntu¨ or ¨Xubuntu¨ to like ¨Ubuntu Studio¨?

    14:16:37 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:16:37 <balloons> smartboyhw, no you don't need to change the testcase for something so simple

    14:16:55 <smartboyhw> balloons: So what exactly does Migration of legacy testcases to isotracker testcases mean?

    14:16:58 <balloons> the new version of the tracker is allowing us to use a variable to replace the 'ubuntu' string

    14:17:22 <balloons> so what you can do is simply create a testsuite for ubuntu studio, and assign the needed testcases to it

    14:17:38 <balloons> let's take a look quickly as an example

    14:17:38 <smartboyhw> Ah that is easy, so I do it in the sandbox?

    14:18:00 <balloons> so ubuntu studio only releases dvd's

    14:18:05 <balloons> and there are 2 testcases

    14:18:06 <smartboyhw> Yes only

    14:18:12 <smartboyhw> Uh huh

    14:18:15 <balloons> you need to create a testsuite and add those 2 testcases to it

    14:18:26 <smartboyhw> In sandbox or real ISO tracker?

    14:18:34 <balloons> then I'll assign the testsuite to ubuntu studio and you'll be set

    14:18:45 <balloons> you'll need to do it on prod, obviously, once your ready 14:18:57 * smartboyhw now goes doing it

    14:19:07 <balloons> ok, anything else?

    14:19:32 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other topics

    14:19:46 <balloons> Ok, we do have a few items to discuss under other topics

    14:20:07 <balloons> First up is the update-manager bug -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/1046563

    14:20:08 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 1046563 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager never appears on lubuntu precise" [Undecided,Confirmed]

    14:20:35 <balloons> I've seen the bug firsthand. We'll need to chat with michael voigt or someone else who understands the update-manager in more detail

    14:21:08 <phillw> thanks, it is an issue if peoplel are not getting things like security updates.

    14:21:14 <balloons> if anyone is familar with python, I don't think debugging it would be *that* hard.. I have played around with it before, but sadly I don't know any specific debugging techniques

    14:21:42 <balloons> phillw, ohh.. yes, look, it affects precise

    14:22:10 <balloons> I didn't realize that

    14:22:28 <phillw> yeah, after putting in 12.04.1 stuff on.

    14:22:28 <balloons> in that case, I would push it up through lubuntu channels to your security contacts if possible

    14:23:06 <phillw> Julien is on a well earned vacation, so we're a bit on the ground a.t.m.

    14:23:15 <phillw> *bit thin*

    14:23:23 <balloons> if we can confirm it's that serious and affecting precise, I'll work with your right after this to push it harder 14:23:34 * balloons thought it was a quantal bug

    14:23:46 <phillw> no such luck Sad :(

    14:23:50 <balloons> [TOPIC] Power PC fail to build

    14:24:05 <bikefridaywalter> yay Sad :(

    14:24:16 <smartboyhw> ...

    14:24:18 <phillw> o/

    14:24:20 <balloons> ok, so I've heard some success and some failure, but there certainly are some powerpc bugs affecting some lubuntu users

    14:24:23 <balloons> phillw, go ahead

    14:25:58 <phillw> Adam has spent quite some time herding bugs into some sort of reason so that they can be followed. As I only got that email about 6 hours ago, I've replied asking him to give some additional guidance to the L-QA ppc testers.

    14:26:23 <phillw> you will see his name crawling on the bugs.

    14:26:38 <phillw> (ojordan)

    14:27:07 <bikefridaywalter> of course with oversized images that makes for certain difficulties: (

    14:27:08 <balloons> yes, I too heard from Adam

    14:27:30 <balloons> on the oversized images issue, yea, it's common during the cycle

    14:27:41 <balloons> I simply use usb nowadays

    14:27:50 <balloons> I understand ppc is a bit trickier

    14:28:10 <phillw> bikefridaywalter: as I replied in the mailing list, the issue is discussed on the PPC-FAQ area. let me get the link for you.

    14:28:37 <phillw> bikefridaywalter: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ

    14:28:59 <bikefridaywalter> it is very unreliable with openfirmware. i have tried for years to make it work right with no success

    14:29:13 <phillw> both how to shrink an iso, and how to get usb to work.

    14:30:09 <bikefridaywalter> the usb is not 100% with that or any process but ill try shrinking

    14:30:34 <phillw> bikefridaywalter: it is certainly worth a try, those were the suggestions from Adam.

    14:31:33 <phillw> I'll be sending an email to L-QA about the areas that Adam raised with me.

    14:31:46 <phillw> ..

    14:31:55 <balloons> thank you phillw and bikefridaywalter

    14:32:17 <balloons> [TOPIC] Testcase Admins Team sandbox and mailing list discussion

    14:32:32 <balloons> ok, smartboyhw requested we bring up the idea of another mailing list for the admin team

    14:32:59 <balloons> fyi for others; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/TestCaseAdmins

    14:33:18 <phillw> o/

    14:33:44 <balloons> go ahead phillw

    14:35:24 <phillw> is the test case admin team expected to generate so much mail? I'd think something similar that is used my L-QA, where PPC has PPC in the subject line so those not interested don't need to read it and use our current QA mailing list so any one interested in test cases can see what & where we are upto.

    14:35:33 <phillw> s/my/by

    14:36:59 <balloons> phillw, I agree.. I'd really rather avoid specific mailing lists for things

    14:37:07 <smartboyhw> Agree!

    14:37:18 <balloons> njin, smartboyhw, elfy thoughts/

    14:37:32 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:38:00 <elfy> extra m/l seems a bit like just having a m/l so there's a m/l - I'd concur with phillw's thoughts

    14:38:11 <njin> balloons, we have a new hard tester, sandra farnedi is back

    14:39:09 <balloons> ok, sounds like we'll keep things as is.. If you need to get in touch, use the ubuntu-qa mailing list and consider putting a [testcase-admin] header in the subject line

    14:39:18 <smartboyhw> OK:)

    14:39:22 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:39:42 <balloons> ok, that's all we have for scheduled topics.. feel free to raise anything additional now

    14:39:58 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:40:02 <balloons> njin, go ahead -- who is this new tester

    14:40:05 <balloons> one sec smartboyhw

    14:40:10 <smartboyhw> Sorry

    14:42:18 <njin> She's sandra, https://launchpad.net/~sandra-farnedi-d

    14:43:07 <balloons> njin, excellent

    14:43:16 <balloons> I assume you'll get her up to speed Smile :-)

    14:43:21 <balloons> go ahead smartboyhw

    14:43:24 <njin> she was a teacher

    14:45:16 <njin> https://bugs.launchpad.net/~sandra-farnedi-d/+reportedbugs

    14:45:52 <smartboyhw> OK my turn

    14:46:17 <smartboyhw> Been a bit worried in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates

    14:46:41 <smartboyhw> balloons: When is the deadline for distro specific testcases?

    14:47:04 <balloons> smartboyhw, no deadline.. just future work on that

    14:47:04 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:47:13 <balloons> it's up to the flavors if they want to do it at all

    14:47:25 <balloons> I don't drive your schedules Smile :-)

    14:48:27 <balloons> ok, anyone else have anything they wish to ask or bring up?

    14:48:34 <balloons> a question, comment, etc? Smile :-)

    14:49:23 <smartboyhw> balloons\o

    14:49:27 <smartboyhw> One more questino

    14:49:31 <smartboyhw> *question

    14:49:58 <balloons> go ahead smartboyhw

    14:50:14 <smartboyhw> Back in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates

    14:50:25 <smartboyhw> As I recall Mythbuntu is an LTS->LTS release.

    14:50:51 <smartboyhw> So balloons you may just go and delete the item for ISOTracker testcase for Mythbuntu in Beta 2 secion

    14:50:54 <smartboyhw> *section

    14:51:40 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:52:03 <balloons> thanks smartboyhw

    14:52:11 <smartboyhw> NP:)

    14:52:14 <balloons> ok, if no one has anything else, we're done for today

    14:52:20 <balloons> thanks for attending everyone!

    14:52:26 <balloons> and as always happy testing!

    14:52:36 <balloons> #endmeeting

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