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ACTION: balloons to update qa.ubuntu.com theme (balloons, 14:04:02)

  • Ubuntu Updates

LINK: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/10/preparing-for-community-charity-thon.html (smartboyhw, 14:08:37)

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  • balloons to update qa.ubuntu.com theme

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  • balloons
  • * balloons to update qa.ubuntu.com theme

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  • smartboyhw (41)
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  • 14:01:29 <balloons> #startmeeting ubuntu qa community

    14:01:29 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Oct 3 14:01:29 2012 UTC. The chair is balloons. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

    14:01:29 <meetingology>

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    14:01:44 <balloons> Hello everyone

    14:01:46 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:01:49 <smartboyhw> Hi balloons

    14:01:52 <balloons> Shall we take a roll call?

    14:02:06 <smartboyhw> role call again:p \o

    14:02:09 <phillw> o/ 14:02:59 * smartboyhw has told elfy to come but.... 14:03:22 * balloons rattles head

    14:03:28 <smartboyhw> balloons, lol

    14:03:38 <balloons> well, shall we dive in?

    14:03:50 <balloons> [TOPIC] Previous Actions

    14:04:02 <balloons> [action] balloons to update qa.ubuntu.com theme 14:04:02 * meetingology balloons to update qa.ubuntu.com theme

    14:04:08 <balloons> Anything else?

    14:04:19 <smartboyhw> balloons, really still haven't solved?:P

    14:05:30 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:06:42 <smartboyhw> ?

    14:07:01 <balloons> it's still on the todo lis

    14:07:09 <balloons> it'll likely be gone for next time

    14:07:14 <balloons> beta2 was more pressing Smile :-)

    14:07:14 <smartboyhw> Grrrrrrrr.....Anyway just small problem:P

    14:07:21 <smartboyhw> Smile :-)

    14:07:38 <balloons> I just learned how to solve it.. to be fair most of the tme it was on the list I was awaiting resolution Smile :-)

    14:07:40 <balloons> anyways

    14:07:50 <balloons> [TOPIC] Ubuntu Updates

    14:07:51 <smartboyhw> yay

    14:08:26 <balloons> This week Unity 6.8 is landing, and there is the charity-a-thon tomorrow

    14:08:37 <smartboyhw> #link http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/10/preparing-for-community-charity-thon.html

    14:08:54 <smartboyhw> balloons, I'm coming to support you tmr around 11:00 to 15:00 UTC:P

    14:09:02 <balloons> awesome

    14:09:15 <balloons> at 24 hrs long, I'm assuming people will be able to find time

    14:09:16 <balloons> lol

    14:09:19 <smartboyhw> lol

    14:09:39 <phillw> I'll be around for as long as I'm at my computer Smile :)

    14:09:46 <smartboyhw> lol

    14:09:48 <balloons> nice 14:09:49 * smartboyhw too

    14:09:52 <balloons> anything else to share?

    14:10:02 <smartboyhw> balloons, sorry for not donating. Don't have money:P

    14:10:11 <balloons> the rest of it is straightforward.. it's crunch time for the images

    14:10:21 <balloons> smartboyhw, no worries.. showing up is also a help

    14:10:24 <smartboyhw> Smile :)

    14:10:35 <balloons> try and get some non-std installations done if you can Smile :-)

    14:10:46 <balloons> that was my secondary goal for the 24 hours 14:10:53 * smartboyhw will test Ubuntu Studio that day then:P

    14:11:33 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:13:29 <balloons> [TOPIC] Other Updates

    14:13:35 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:13:53 <balloons> I know phillw, wxl and others have all been working on the ppc iso's to try and land one for the final release of quantal

    14:14:03 <balloons> it's been quite a ride with some hard to solve bugs

    14:14:17 <balloons> anything else people wish to share?

    14:14:18 <smartboyhw> Yay

    14:14:19 <balloons> smartboyhw, go ahead

    14:14:19 <smartboyhw> \o

    14:14:21 <smartboyhw> OK

    14:14:29 <smartboyhw> A bit of report and a bit of question:P

    14:14:52 <smartboyhw> The Ubuntu Studio testcase is gonna get done at 10th (I set a deadline).

    14:15:28 <smartboyhw> balloons, stupid question: In http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/group/topic-quantal-quality-community-testing.html

    14:15:46 <smartboyhw> 76% with red light:P er are you going to fix that?:P

    14:16:51 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:17:08 <balloons> I've done my part Smile :-) http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/u/nskaggs.html

    14:17:17 <smartboyhw> Oh;P

    14:17:42 <smartboyhw> BTW another thing: Someone remove http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/ from the QA meeting page, it is clearly outdated with no 2012 logs

    14:17:58 <balloons> lol -- yes, it needs to be finished out

    14:18:12 <smartboyhw> Smile :)

    14:18:27 <smartboyhw> OK I'm done

    14:18:27 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:18:43 <balloons> we're a bit behind overall: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-quantal/ 14:19:21 * smartboyhw is happy Ubuntu Studio got 92% and Lubuntu got 89% so we are not gonna be blamed:P

    14:21:00 <smartboyhw> ..

    14:22:28 <smartboyhw> Er balloons nothing to add.....:P 14:23:05 * balloons just noting

    14:23:06 <balloons> There are 11 days left in the current cycle. That means that in order to complete all the work 83.91 workitems must be completed per day.

    14:23:21 <balloons> I'm sure this Friday's meeting will be interesting

    14:23:30 <balloons> we should see sometype of drop

    14:23:38 <smartboyhw> Yeah......

    14:23:43 <balloons> Ok, so anyone else?

    14:23:45 <balloons> anything elsE?

    14:23:50 <phillw> we are quietly confident that PPC will ship as both desktop & alternate, using release notes.

    14:24:00 <smartboyhw> *quite:P

    14:24:04 <balloons> that's good news phillw

    14:24:04 <smartboyhw> yay

    14:25:28 <balloons> alright, if that's it, well that's it Wink ;-) Again, I hope to see everyone tomorrow. Should be a fun time -- try and make QA part of your day

    14:25:34 <smartboyhw> Wink ;-)

    14:25:36 <balloons> #endmeeting

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