Meeting items 2008.09.26

Bugs to highlight

Bug #



NM 0.7 Fails To Set Custom MTU

Comment: Im unable to set valid maximum transmission unit values in NM. More seriously, the assignment of static IP addresses is not persistant. Right now Im forced to use DHCP with mac reservation (which I don't want to do) to have an easy network experience. A related but separate bug is number 256054.


ia32-libs missing libQtDbus

Comment: Several people can not use Skype any more on amd64


v86d missing from initramfs

Comment: Bug 246269 is possibly related to this


Intrepid 4 live cd drops to busybox, needs more time to find CD livefs

Comment: tested again after modprobe speedup due to compiling with -Os, still drops to busybox

Potential severe regressions

Testing infrastructure status

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