This page lists the testcases currently availible in the qatracker. For images, it describes the current listing of required manual test cases for Ubuntu release images.



Per-image required test cases

Install (auto-resize)
Install (entire disk)
Install (manual partitioning)
Live Session
Install (entire disk with lvm and encryption)
Free Software Only
Install (OEM setup)

One-time test cases

Installation with broken Internet
Install (Screen Reader)
Non-English Installation with Full Network Support
Non-English Installation with Full Network Support & CJK Input
Non-English Installation with No Network
Non-English Live Session & Installation; Full Network Support
Non-English Live Session & Installation; No Network
Post-Installation Tests
Ubiquity Disk Defects
Ubiquity MemTest
VMWare Easy Install


Unity Lenses
Ubuntu One Tests
Totem Tests
Shotwell Tests
Rythmnbox Tests
Orca Tests
Network Manager Tests
Nautilus Tests
LibreOffice Tests
Gnome Terminal Tests
Gnome Screenshot Tests
Gedit Tests
Firefox Tests
Fileroller Tests
Evince Tests
Eye of Gnome Tests
Empathy Tests
Deja-Dup Tests
Unity GSetting Migration
Unity Window Management
Unity Startup
Unity Software Center
Unity Panel
Unity multimonitor/multi-launchers
Unity Launcher
Unity HUD
Unity Dash
Unity Alt-tab
Pulseaudio Smoke Tests
Online Account Flickr Lens
Online Account Google Doc Lens
Online Account Shotwell
Online Account Gwibber
Online Account Twitter
Online Account Google
Online Account Flickr
Online Account Facebook
Online Account Browser Extensions
Webapps Youtube
Webapps Gmail
Webapps BBC
Webapps Launchpad
Online Account Settings
Webapps Browser extensions
software-properties Smoke Tests
Kernel Smoke Tests

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