About me


I'm QIII! Dorpee dorp dorp!


If I were to try to say where I am from, I might have to write a fairly long book. I suppose I could say I am from the United States -- all of them. My Dad's from Montana, Mom's from North Dakota and we seemed to pitch camp in Montana more than elsewhere while I was growing up. That's where I spent most of my first 8 years in College, so I call Montana "home". I have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2001 and don't plan to resume my wandering ways any time soon.

Happily married to a great lady I happened to meet, probably tripped over, and certainly stepped on her toes while we danced, when I was three sheets to the wind in Washington, DC, some years back while in my Army Dress Blues. Must have been the uniform. I have no other explanation for why such a fine young woman gave me the time of day all those years ago!

Together, we've raised two wonderful, talented and extraordinarily intelligent children. We've also opened our home to a whole lot of folks who were down on their luck, just passing through, or just needed shelter from the rain for a little while. And then there are the foster kids. It would just seem to be a shame to have this big old house and not share.

I've been an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman all my life -- but things have slowed me down a bit after a lot of miles down bumpy dirt roads in the back country of life.


I'm currently a software developer, specializing in computationally intensive projects for a clientele which prizes discretion, so I can't say much more.

I started herding electrons in the 70s and kept up with it the whole time I was in the Army, developing a couple of applications that are still being used, albiet much improved and changed.

Linux and Ubuntu

I started using Linux in the mid to late 90s, using RedHat. In those days, it was a lot of fun for a guy who likes to break things and put them back together with very little documentation and help back then. Linux reminded me of my Unix days, so it wasn't a really unfamiliar new world.

By 2001 or 2002, I was using Linux at home as my primary. I started using Ubuntu with Warty and soon make Ubuntu my primary. I was still a do-it-yourself type and didn't take part in much on-line discussion. I did use what resources there were to answer my own questions.

Somewhat infrequently these days, I also use Fedora, OpenSUSE, CentOS and Bodhi Linux.

Ubuntu Forums

I joined the Ubuntu forums in 2008, asked a few questions here and there at first and then began spending my time mostly answering questions. For the last couple of years my involvement has taken off. Although I help out with a range of subjects, lately I have found myself involved most of the time in questions/issues regarding the ATI Proprietary driver and Oracle Java.


Recently I have been doing extensive editing of the ATI proprietary driver community wiki and the Java community wiki.

U+1 Team

I recently joined the U+1 team. I've been using the development releases during the testing periods for several releases, but my time is limited and the bugs/issues I find always seem to have been discovered and handled on Launchpad before I get around to them. Precise was such a breeze I just gave up and started using it heavily around the end of the Alpha testing stage, except that I'd boot to Natty specifically when I wanted to use proprietary video drivers. When things started working with the ATI drive at the end of the Beta stage, I went all in. Quantal seems to be going the same way. Dang it!

Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team

I am a member of the Ubuntu Oregon LoCo team.

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