List of systems to consider for the Q&A Localization project



  • Pros:
    • Open Source
    • Has already been tested by Ubuntu-IT
    • Ubuntu SSO is already implemented
    • Does have a points and trophy system.
  • Cons:
    • Some strings are coded in a very weird way, but patches can be sent upstream
    • Someone with knowledge on it would need to build it, other teams tried to replicate it unsuccessfully (talking about the Ubuntu-IT model)



  • Pros:
    • Has already been implemented, and is being tested by Ubuntu-NL.

    • Has Ubuntu SSO, already been implenmented.
    • Is already translated in multiple languages.
    • Translations in multiple languages are available.
    • Has an active community building plugins, etc.
    • Based on LAMP (php/mysql), so very low in installation requirements, especially on limited hosts (shared hosting) where there is no or little user control.
  • Cons:
    • Design needs to be implemented
    • Only has a points-based system, no trophies or prizes or something similar, needs to be implemented via a plugin
    • Not using gettext (.po/.pot) for translations, so can't use Launchpad.
  • About the Ubuntu-NL test implementation of q2a

    • Question2answer uses, shares the smf forum login (Open-id and password) and session.
    • Question2answer uses, shares smf forum group and user managent via smf admin interface.
    • Points are hidden, quite some users in our community dislike the point system, but the point system is available.



  • Pros
  • Cons
    • The design needs to be improved lots
    • There are external links put there by the system, maybe that can be removed by tweaking the code


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