This page has been created to provide a description of Bug 4048.

In Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake, qgo segfault at startup, even with the default configuration. The bug is reproductible, and that is also the case with the Live CD (tested with Release Candidate).

Steps to reproduce the bug

Here is the method to reproduce the bug if you don't want to install Dapper, or if you want to fiddle with a default system :

  1. Dowload and burn Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake Release Candidate

  2. Boot with the defaults
  3. Connect to the internet (System>Administration>Networking, or if you are an ADSL user Follow this procedure)

  4. Lauch System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager.

    Go to Preferences>Repositories

    Screenshot.png Select Ubuntu 6.06 TLS (Binary) then click Edit

    Screenshot-Repositories.png Enable Universe and Multiverse :

    Screenshot-Edit_Repositories.png Then search for "qgo" and install it (it pulls one dependency)


5. In a terminal, launch

  • Screenshot_SegFault.png

Note : gdb is available on the Live CD. Other tools are available through Synaptic.

If you have an ADSL Internet connection

If you are using and USB ADSL modem, the following might or might not work. If your modem is an Ethernet one, you're on the safe side Smile :)

To connect to Internet in Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake, you have to resort to the command line. Use

sudo pppoeconf

then answer the relevant questions (you'll be asked the username and the password provided by your Internet provider).

To trigger the Internet connection, use (the automatic completion helps!)

pon dsl-provider

To kill the daemon

sudo poff -a

a few times Smile :)

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