GB Hoyt

Hello, I am G. Brandon Hoyt and I am learning. I currently reside in Lakeland, FL. I like Ubuntu because of its ease of use coupled with wonderful people. A friend in Orlando introduced me to it as being an easy to use distro that's good for people learning *nix. He had a machine running 6.10 Server and he compiled the Enlightenment environment to run on it. I have two Ubuntu boxes now, a laptop running 7.10 amd64, and a desktop running just plain ole 7.10. My house has basically no attic, so running cables around can be a chore sometimes, thus both of my boxes are wirelessly connected to the internet.


I am a licensed amateur radio operator, callsign KG4GVL. My nickname comes from my love for low power operations qrp in the ham radio world. I use small home built radios, including one that fits inside an altoids candy tin. Currently, my antenna is down though, so radio operations have been slim.

I also enjoy photography, programming (ruby, python (still learning), Cpp), watching birds, off-road biking (and even mountain biking, but hey, this is Florida! ), and various other enterprises.


I graduated High School in 1996 from the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts. For college, I received my BA degree from Florida Christian College in December 2000. I am currently retooling, as it were, so I can get a better job. I am studying computer programming, and network engineering, all in the hope that one day, I can make enough money to quit my job and help poor people.

please be patient with me and my questions! Wink ;-) Email: <qrprat77 AT tampabay DOT rr DOT com>



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