This page explains how to manually install version 0.1 of QtTube on GNU/Linux systems.

Manual Installation of QtTube 0.1

To move the QtTube source files of QtTube to a system folder and place a entry on the menu to run it, extract QtTube on your desktop and then execute the following command in a terminal:

sudo mv ~/Desktop/QtTube /opt/ && sudo sh -c "echo 'cd /opt/QtTube\n./qttube' > /usr/local/bin/qttube" && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/qttube && sudo cp /opt/QtTube/data/qttube-48x48.png /usr/share/pixmaps/qttube.png && sudo cp /opt/QtTube/data/qttube.desktop /usr/share/applications && echo "Done. Now type \`qttube' to launch the program, or search it in the menu."

Removing a previous Manual Installation of QtTube 0.1

If you have executed the previous command and now want to remove it for some reason, run this one to delete the created files:

sudo rm /usr/share/pixmaps/qttube.png && sudo rm /usr/share/applications/qttube.desktop && sudo rm /usr/local/bin/qttube &&  sudo rm /opt/QtTube/ -r && echo "QtTube removal completed."

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