Upgrade Your Quickly Project to GTK+ 3

So you have an existing Quickly project that you'd like to upgrade to the latest and greatest? Excellent!

Three related pieces of the framework were upgraded at the same time:

  1. PyGObject to PyGI
  2. GTK+ 2 to GTK+ 3
  3. GConf to GSettings

PyGI and GTK+ 3

GTK+ 3 needs PyGI and PyGI needs GTK+ 3. So you can't upgrade to one without upgrading to the other.

There is good documentation written by the PyGI folks on how to port your code.

And the GTK+ 3 folks also have a guide for porting from GTK+ 2 to 3, though it is written for C programmers. The PyGI API mirrors the C API though, so many of the issues are the same.

You can hold of on porting to GSettings for a moment by changing from "import gconf" to "from gi.repository import GConf" and fixing any slight breaks there. This will be easier than the full port to GSettings. See more below for how to make the full changeover.


The GLib folks have written a migration guide for C developers. That should be helpful with the concepts and some bits of the UI.

When you are at the point that you have a schema that you want to install, put it in 'data/glib-2.0/schemas/' to be picked up by automatically.

Tell Quickly

Now that you have manually upgraded all your code, tell Quickly about it:

quickly upgrade

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