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Proposal: System menu reorg for Ubuntu (and GNOME)

  • In order to assure consistancy, let's define a system tool as an application used only to operate with the own system.
  • The idea is to take out all the system tools placed somewhere under Applications and organize them all together with the System tools. This will help undirectly focusing users' attention in the "real" applications.

  • This proposal doesn't consider (yet) the addition of system tools that currently are not preinstalled in Breezy, although there are possibly functionalities missing. Suggestions are welcome.
  • This proposal doesn't consider either taking out current system tools offered in the default installation, althought perhaps not all of them are needed... Suggestions are welcome.
  • It would be good to replace GNOME's alphabetical default sorting with a fixed sort decided by usability criteria, sorting the most popular directories in the top. It is not a requirement of this proposal though, since the sorting method has broader implications.

Tools to be taken out of Applications

  • In Accessories: Archive Manager, File Browser.

  • In Sound & Video: Volume Control, Volumen Monitor, Recording Level Monitor.

  • The whole System tools directory

NOTE: Add Applications may work well as the single exception, leaving it in its current location in the root Applications menu.

NOTE: Take Screenshot would be better placed under Accessories or Graphics.

System tools reorg

This is just a proposal of structure. The names of the items are not intended to be the final ones.

  • Interface

    • Desktop Background

    • Screensaver

    • Screen Resolution

    • Theme

    • Font

    • Windows

    • Menus & Toolbars

    • Language Selector

  • Sound

    • Sound

    • Volume Control

    • Volumen Monitor

    • Recording Level Monitor

    • Multimedia Systems Selector

  • Files

    • File browser

    • Image Viewer

    • gThumb Image Viewer

    • Archive manager

    • File Management

  • Applications

    • Preferred Applications

    • Add & Remove Applications

    • Update Manager

    • Applications Menu Editor

  • Devices

    • Keyboard

    • Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Mouse

    • Printing

    • PalmOS Devices

    • Removable Drives and Media

    • Device Manager

    • Ubuntu Device Database

  • Network

    • Networking

    • Shared Folders

    • Network Proxy

    • Network tools

    • Remote Desktop

  • Users

    • About Me

    • Login Photo

    • Users and Groups

  • Memory

    • Disks

    • Floppy formatter

  • Accessibility

    • Assistive Technology Support

  • Administration

    • Time and Date

    • New login

    • Run as different user

    • System monitor

    • Services

    • Sessions

    • Login Screen Setup

    • Synaptic Package Manager

    • Bug report tool

    • System log

    • Configuration editor

    • Terminal

  • Help

  • About GNOME

  • About Ubuntu

  • Lock Screen

  • Log Out


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