Ubuntu provides the riscv64 architecture for the RISC-V platform since the release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.


Preinstalled Server Images

Server Install Image

If you want to install Ubuntu on a disk drive, use the server install image.

A tutorial is available at https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/install-ubuntu-server.

A description of the installation process is also available at https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/ubuntu-installation-on-the-sifive-hifive-unmatched-board-using-a-server-install-image/27804.


We currently don't provide a desktop image for RISC-V. But you can install package ubuntu-desktop to get a GNOME desktop. As of 2022 due to performance restrictions the only hardware usable for a desktop is the SiFive HiFive Unmatched board.


You can discuss Ubuntu on RISC-V over at the Ubuntu Server forums.

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