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Radu Giurgiu

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Lleida, Catalonia

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Catalan, Spanish, Romanian and English

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I am interested in Linux since 2010, when I started to study at the institute INS Torre Vicens in Lleida. Since this center used Linux as Operating System, of which I was completely unaware, or knew of its existence. But every time I became more interested in Linux, and prepared to install it at home. I downloaded the image of Ubuntu 10.04, and finishing the installation could not connect to wifi, so I searched the Internet how to fix this, and then to solve the problem, I realized people who are behind all this and they are willing to help without anything in exchange. Since that day I devote myself to helping people in forums on issues related to Linux. Big Grin :)


My main contribution is: Smile :)

  • Promote the free operating system support on offer to people who are initiated into the world of free software, such as installation of free software (operating systems and free software).

  • Translation into Spanish, Catalan, and Romanian languages.

  • Collaborate in the Catalan LoCo Team. Ubuntu


Future plans and trajectory

For the future I would like to do:

  • Conferences of Ubuntu Phone.
  • Continue promote the free software.
  • Inform the people of the benefits of using a free operating system.
  • And more things... Smile :)

Ubuntu Touch

Thanks to Catalan LoCo Team I have had the opportunity to try the first device with the operating system Ubuntu Phone of the Spanish manufacturer BQ, the BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition.

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