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About Me

I am Rafał Cieślak, a Ubuntu Member from Wrocław, Poland, formerly very active in various Ubuntu areas, mostly development and support focused.

Other relevant profiles: Launchpad profile, AskUbuntu profile.

Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct (*) and Canonical Contributors Agreement.

Ubuntu Member since 2012-05-01.


  • Most significantly, I was an UbuntuAccomplishments developer. I did lots of programming in the core system, the daemon & viewer, as well as the official accomplishment collections, I worked on documentation, and did a lot to get new people involved in there. Having joined this project in March 2012, I became one of its most influential developers. This project is no longer active.

  • Since 2010 I do my best to provide user support on AskUbuntu site, by the time of writing I have earned 10,000+ rep points.

  • I have attended and actively participated in UDS-R in Copenhagen. I have also participated remotely in a number of other UDS and vUDS.

  • I have written several autopkg tests for packages in Ubuntu.
  • I've led an UbuntuOpenWeek (Quantal) session concerning UbuntuAccomplishments.

  • I occasionally contribute fixes to various Ubuntu-specific packages.


- I have only really interacted with Rafał on the Ubuntu Accomplishments system but his efforts and patience have been sublime. He is enthusiastic and very quick to help out when I have had troubles with creating / submitting branches on launchpad. I cannot thank or praise him enough and wish him every success in anything he puts his hand to. -- s.fox

- Rafał is a great example of an Ubuntu community member. I have been mainly working with him in Ubuntu Accomplishments: Rafał has contributed extensively to the Ubuntu Accomplishments daemon and client and helped considerably as we move towards our first 0.1 release. He is a great programmer, detail-orientated, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would very strongly recommend Rafał for membership. -- jonobacon

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