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About Me

I am Rafał Cieślak, a 20 year old Ubuntu Member from Wrocław, Poland, very proud of being an Ubuntu user, and really enthusiastic about its development.

I have first met Ubuntu in 2007, and since then I have become a very experienced user. As I love the philosophy of Free Software, and Ubuntu community, being extremely thankful for all the goods Ubuntu provided me with, I've always wanted to pay back, and altruistically put as much effort as I can into making the Ubuntu users' experience even better! That wish made me very dedicated to my contributions, and when I started participating - due to the brilliant Ubuntu community - I really enjoyed it, and of course I still do! Smile :)

Other places where I can be found: Launchpad profile (~4000 karma at the time of writing), AskUbuntu profile.

I have signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct (*) and Canonical Contributors Agreement.

On 2012-05-01 I became an Ubuntu Member.


I am studying Math and Computer Science, both at University of Wrocław. I do hope that expanding my technological knowledge will help me being useful in Ubuntu community Wink ;-)

As a programmer, I have quite a lot of experience with C++, ANSI C and Python, but being a flexible developer I am familiar with a number of other languages, including C#, Java, PHP, x86 assembly, Haskell and gdscript.

Apart from Ubuntu and computer technology, my interests include: digital sound synthesis - I enjoy programming synthesizers (I have also developed a professional sequencer, harmonySEQ) and composing own pieces of music, volleyball - I am not a skilled player, but I am qualified as a junior umpire Smile :) , ambient and berlinschool music, speedcubing and technical/mathematical origami.


  • Most significantly, I was an UbuntuAccomplishments developer. I did lots of programming in the core system, the daemon & viewer, as well as the official accomplishment collections, I worked on documentation, and did a lot to get new people involved in there. Having joined this project in March 2012, I became one of its most influential developers. This project is no longer active.

  • Since 2010 I do my best to provide user support on AskUbuntu site, by the time of writing I have earned 6,000+ rep points.

  • I have attended and actively participated in UDS-R in Copenhagen. I have also participated remotely in a number of other UDS and vUDS.

  • I have written several autopkg tests for packages in Ubuntu.
  • I've led an UbuntuOpenWeek (Quantal) session concerning UbuntuAccomplishments.

  • In 2011 I have contributed some bits of code to Unity, and helped to fix few bugs.
  • Since I've started using Ubuntu I do my best to help hunting bugs by reporting them regularly, helping to triage them, and occasionally I help others to troubleshoot the problems.
  • In my free time I like translating Ubuntu to my native language (Polish).
  • I am involved in a project which hopes to resurrect the Polish LoCo.

  • On my blog I place writings that are mostly tips or explanations concerning Ubuntu.

  • I am heavily promoting Ubuntu in my local community, since several years I am helping Ubuntu to gain a great reputation among Windows users in my communities (which has also resulted in having converted more than 20 people to Ubuntu). Wink ;-)

  • I provide a complex support in case of any problems with Ubuntu to 10+ users in my surroundings, and I seem to have proved being reliable and helpful.

Future Goals

A short list of my ideas and wishes.

  • Exploring ways of getting Ubuntu users interested in developing Ubuntu and generally being active in the community.
  • Encouraging developers to contribute to Ubuntu. I aim at developers particularly, as I believe there is a great potential that might be used if we did our best to attract them to actually contribute to Ubuntu project.
  • Continuing to support users on the AskUbuntu site, as I really enjoy to help others with solving their problems, and advising whenever I can.


Please write below your thoughts concerning my contributions.


- I have only really interacted with Rafał on the Ubuntu Accomplishments system but his efforts and patience have been sublime. He is enthusiastic and very quick to help out when I have had troubles with creating / submitting branches on launchpad. I cannot thank or praise him enough and wish him every success in anything he puts his hand to. -- s.fox

Testimonials for Ubuntu Membership

- Rafał has shown me what Ubuntu is and taught me the basics. He is impressively communicative and explains everything clearly. He has a great knowledge about Ubuntu and he always helps with every single problem. Rafał is really active in the local community. He takes every opportunity to promote Ubuntu. The great enthusiasm about contributing to Ubuntu he shares with others makes me want to do something for Ubuntu too. He helps getting involved in Ubuntu community by proposing lots of activities in which I can participate at my level. I think Rafał is great candidate for Ubuntu Membership. -- neriel

- Rafał is a great example of an Ubuntu community member. I have been mainly working with him in Ubuntu Accomplishments: Rafał has contributed extensively to the Ubuntu Accomplishments daemon and client and helped considerably as we move towards our first 0.1 release. He is a great programmer, detail-orientated, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I would very strongly recommend Rafał for membership. -- jonobacon

- Rafał wprowadził mnie w świat Ubuntu. Pokazał mi i przekonał do niego. Z wielka chęcią pomaga mi, gdy pojawią się jakiekolwiek problemy. Zawsze śledzi nowości i z wielkim entuzjazmem podchodzi do udzielania się w lokalnej społeczności. Programowanie sprawia mu przyjemność, a nie jest przykrym obowiązkiem, więc zawsze z uśmiechem na ustach podchodzi do nowych wyzwań informatycznych. Mam przyjemność spotykania się z nim na co dzień, co sprawia mi wiele przyjemności, a jako wzorowy członek społeczności jest świetnym kandydatem na tytuł Ubuntu Member Smile :) -- rzepa12

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