About Me

Originally from Venezuela But based in Santiago - Chile for many years. Proud to live in south America and all its people and culture and also an entrepreneur, in search of new daily personal goals in my life. Interested in music, good food, travel and especially everything related to technology. From a young age I was always interested in computers, software and internet. Thanks to this interest in the year 2008 known Ubuntu and all this new world that offers the use of free software.

With the passage of time my interest in this new world was increasing although at first instance did not have any kind of knowledge related to Ubuntu. The first time I heard Ubuntu was Through a newspaper in Chile which made ​​reference to the use of free operating systems. My first steps were to Wubi and then after a month of testing I took the decision to install Ubuntu on my notebook as my main system I have since continued to use and recommend trying Ubuntu operating system to know each of my acquaintances.

Ubuntu Contributions

At the beginning of everything was a challenge but after a while it has become a lifestyle and community involvement. After a while I had the opportunity to meet the community in Chile to offer my free time in helping the community. Today I give my support to moderate the forum in Chile. My work at the forum has been very interesting, constructive and motivating and I feel the need to get involved every day with the Ubuntu community as much as you can. For this reason also participated in various communication channels Ubuntu.

Contact Info

Email: rafaelgonzalezgon@gmail.com

Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~rafaelg

Ubuntu Chile: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChileanTeam/GrupoForo

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