Ubuntu Catalan Translators Team

Applications I translated, or helped to translate, as a member of the Ubuntu Catalan Translators Team:

  • displayconfig-gtk (Gutsy)
  • gnome-app-install (Gutsy)
  • gnome-btdownload (Hardy)
  • hwtest (Hardy and Intrepid)

Direct contact with upstream


Translation into Catalan of Asunder, a graphical Audio CD ripper and encoder for Linux.


Translation into Catalan of GShutdown, an advanced shutdown utility for Linux.


Translation into Catalan of the Firemonger CD and it's website, in cooperation with Francesc Dorca (from SoftcatalĂ ) and Kilian Cirera.


Translation into Catalan of the website statistics system phpMyVisites, later joined with another one by Daniel Olivares Giménez.

Translation into Catalan of, a free web service to consult the translation memories of many open source projects.


Translation into Catalan of the (open source) real time strategy game Glest. I'm also a moderator on it's forums and the creator of the (now a bit neglected) extension page Glest: Evolution.


Translation into Catalan of FireGPG, an extension for Firefox that integrates GnuPG with it.

Liquid Weather

Most of the translation into Catalan of Liquid Weather ++, a superkaramba theme and desktop applet for displaying weather information and forecasts.


Translation into Catalan of the user system for websites ezUserManager. Since some recent versions, translations are only included in the paid version.


Many translation work (into Catalan) for the open source e-learning platform Docebo.


Most of the translation into Catalan of Qunu's first interface. (Qunu is a free service to put in contact, by Instant Messaging, experts in a certain subject with people that need help about the same).

Translation into Catalan of's interface. It wasn't used and I never received an answer about it, though.

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