Testimonials in Support of Randall's Ubuntu LoCo Council Nomination - Sept 2013

The following people have voluntarily endorsed Randall Ross as a candidate for the Ubuntu LoCo Council and have submitted testimonials in support of this outcome.

  1. Randall Ross is the reason why Ubuntu Vancouver is growing in an exciting way. His leadership skills and management experience have allowed the community to thrive. He is also at the roots of Ubuntu community outreach for the entire project (e.g.http://community.ubuntu.com). Randall is action-focused and has a can-do mentality that ensures progress and results in any project that he supports. Above all, he realizes that Ubuntu is not just about software, and he puts people first; he wants everybody to have fun, which is what the LoCo Council really needs. Joe Liau, "Ubuntu Evangelist"

  2. Randall has a ton of expertise on how to run successful events and teams. He'd be a great asset in this leadership role. I think the work he's done in Vancouver is leadership by example and the wider community has much to gain by bringing this expertise world-wide! : Jorge Castro, "Community guy"

  3. Please replace this text with your observations about Randall that would support his nomination for Ubuntu LoCo council. Please use narratives that demonstrate why you think Randall is capable of effective leadership in that capacity. Please include your name and launchpad link (or website) by replacing the text in the following link: Your Name, "Your title or role in the Ubuntu project"

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