Raphaël Pinson aka Raphink

I am a 26 year-old French sysadmin, living close to Cannes, on the French Riviera.

How I got to use Ubuntu GNU/Linux

I began to use GNU/Linux in 2002, using YellowDog Linux on an old Macintosh, from time to time, in alternance with MacOS. Then in 2004, I got a PC and installed Mandriva on it, exclusively. I then began to use Linux daily.

My first contact with Ubuntu was in January 2005 with Warty PPC. I was very interested in it, since it was the first Linux OS I could run on a Mac without a single effort, and that was pretty stable and powerful. Somehow I was a bit deceived by the x86 version though, and chose to use Debian Sid on my PC instead. After a time, I began to work on the Ichthux project, which is a CDD project aimed to christian users and communities. For the purpose, I had to learn to make Debian packages.

As the author of the Ichthux CDD project, I took part in the Congreso de Software Libre meeting in Valencia, Spain, in May 2005 to work with the custom-debian group on the state and future of CDDs. There I met Mark Shuttleworth and heard about Edubuntu, that he was presenting at this conference, and that interested me a lot because of my interest in teaching and pedagogy.

In October 2005, I tried Ubuntu again, with Edubuntu Breezy Badger, and was amazed by it : all the hardware I had tried hard to configure under Debian sid in vain worked, and I still had the Debian stability and power of use ! After installing Breezy on my computer, I changed my menu.lst and never booted on Sid anymore. I turned my Breezy into a Kubuntu and used it as my main distribution. Soon after, I began to package KDE apps for Dapper and upload them to the REVU system...

My vision of the Ubuntu Project

I am convinced that the open-source approach is respectful of the knowledge of humanity, and that this is the way to go on all fields of knowledge. It allows to produce (and even to be paid for it) while not preventing the world from benefiting from what is produced Smile :)

I am a Debian fan because I believe Debian totally respects the idea of open-source, and is stable and open-source.

I see Ubuntu as the only Debian-based system aimed to improve the desktop Linux approach while still respecting the Debian vision and ideology. I think Ubuntu is a breath of fresh air for the Debian world and for open-source in general.

My history in Ubuntu

  • 16/11/2005 : first package on REVU

  • 04/12/2005 : given reviewing rights on REVU after reviewing package by email
  • 10/01/2006 : Ubuntu member
  • 16/01/2006 : MOTU
  • 01/2006 : REVU admin, svn commit rights on tiber
  • 23/02/2006 : Tiber admin
  • 12/03/2006 : Ubuntu core-dev

My contributions to Ubuntu

  • Packaging
  • Merging Debian packages
  • Reviewing & sponsoring packages

  • Tiber & REVU administration

  • REVU-Tools : see MOTU/Packages/REVU/REVU-Tools.

  • Documentation
  • Bug tracking and fixing
  • Translations
  • IRC : I spend a lot of time on IRC channels on irc.freenode.net, helping users in #ubuntu*, #kubuntu*, devel and motu channels... I administrate #kubuntu-fr and the #ichthux* channels.
  • Ichthux, a Kubuntu derivative aimed to Christian users and communites, currently included in Ubuntu.

Contact me

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