Create Windows image on OpenStack

Install the a Windows Server 2008 image, by running

sudo virt-install --name "win2k8" --ram 4096 --vcpus 2 --disk=win2k8.img,size=9.9,bus=virtio,cache=writeback --vnc --noautoconsole --os-type windows --os-variant=win2k8 --accelerate --disk=virtio-win-0.1-30.iso,device=cdrom --disk=en_windows_server_2008_r2_with_sp1_x64_dvd_617601.iso,device=cdrom  --network=network=maas-floating,model=virtio

After the Windows installation, remember to install the network driver from the virtio iso

Weired Network issue

When I try to deploy openstack on one machines with VMs, I have run into very weired problem: The hypervisor can access the Internet without any problem but the VMs can only ping outside of world, but can not download any bits from Internet. The problem is because the virbrX's MTU is different to eth0's. After seting the MTU from 576 to 1500, the same as virbr0's, problem is solved.


* if you want to change the repository of the machines/VMs which handled by MAAS, here is a link,

$ sudo vi  /var/lib/cobbler/snippets/maas_preseed
 cloud-init   cloud-init/local-cloud-config string manage_etc_hosts: localhost
+cloud-init   cloud-init/local-cloud-config string apt_preserve_sources_list: true

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