Me in Brief

About Me

I'm an Electronics Technician by profession however I am currently unable to work due to health reasons. I joined Team South Carolina in December of 2007 and have strived to help the team in any way I can by contributing ideas, working on the wiki, and encouraged new members where I could.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Launchpad Bug Contributions

Other Wiki Contributions

South Carolina Team Items

  • Ubuntu Active Contributor in all aspects of Team South Carolina.

    Ubuntu Wiki Team member and editor.

    Ubuntu Present and propose ideas and suggestions for Team South Carolina including contributing ideas for the roadmap and the team charter .

Goals For The South Carolina LoCo Team in 2008

  • Ubuntu Help the team grow in active membership and size.

    Ubuntu Help the team coordinate efforts, and achieve active members.

    Ubuntu Help Plan and document team happenings and upcoming events on the Wiki.

    Ubuntu Help Form official South Carolina LoCo Team Charter.

    Ubuntu Help the Team become an Approved LoCo team.

    Ubuntu Help and encourage new and prospective Ubuntu users

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