• Welcome to the Ubuntu South Carolina LoCo Team Wiki page. We are a volunteer organization within the State of South Carolina who are committed to education with the goal of an increase in general awareness of Ubuntu and Open Source. Our Community Projects are geared so that we return more to the community than we receive, and we always endeavor to live up to the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. Please review the header of this page; it has quantities of useful information.


  • If you are interested in helping us achieve our goals, and engaging in a polite but fun social atmosphere, please go to our LaunchPad Page.

Online Meetings

  • Our online meetings are held every month on different dates. These meetings will be announced on the mailing list, on Facebook and on Google+.

Team Goals

  • As stated in the introduction above, our goals are to help spread Ubuntu and Open Source. We will implement team and community service projects as needed to achieve these goals. Our first goal of establishing and organizing the LoCo has been achieved. Our next goal is to apply for Ubuntu Loco Team Approval. While working toward this goal, we will continue to educate the public on the advantages of Ubuntu and Open Source.

Team Resources

Other Resources


Thank you for taking the time to consider membership in our LoCo Team, and please check back often. We have completed our first goal of getting the Ubuntu South Carolina LoCo Team up and running, but we are working hard everyday to improve our loco and ourselves. We are also applying for Official Team Membership soon.

If you would like to e-mail the Ubuntu South Carolina Wiki Team for suggestions, comments or creative constructive information please do feel free! Simply post it on the forums. We appreciate all feedback. We're here for you!

We look forward to meeting and hearing from you soon!

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