About Me

My real name is Tim. I live on Long Island in New York. For years i have been into computing in some way or another, switching to linux from XP. I have been a pure linux user for about 4 years now and i have enjoyed every moment of it! Ubuntu is my distro of choice and always will be. I am a part-time computer science major at Farmingdale State University, working full-time with a company as a Computer Tech. I enjoy spending down time working on my computers and helping people where i can, both online and in person.

Contact Information Launchpad IRC

RedSingularity Forums Email

  • I am usually found in IRC channels, #ubuntu-beginners-team, #ubuntu-bugs, and #ubuntu-us-ny on freenode


  • Helping on the Ubuntu Forums forums regularly
    • Posting since 2008
  • Helping on IRC when possible
  • My real focus is Bug Triaging in Launchpad
  • Member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team
  • Member of Ubuntu Bug Control
    • Bug squad member since 2009
    • Bug control member since 2011
  • Secondary contact for Ubuntu NY Team
    • Been with the NY LoCo since 2010

Some Contribution Links

--Some solved Fourms Help--

--Some Launchpad Bugs--

Future Goals

  • Becoming a Ubuntu Member
  • Staying active in the Bug Squad
  • Staying active in the Ubuntu Forums

Testimonials (Ubuntu Membership)

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