Primary Proposal

This proposal arose through various discussions at the virtual UDS. The heart of the proposal is to retain our current release cadence while reducing support costs by reducing our support burden to essentially one Interim release at a time.

  • Make interim releases as normal
  • Support those releases until the next interim release or LTS (with perhaps a month or two of grace period)
  • Users get continued support by upgrading to the next interim release


  • Not a radical departure from our current release cadence
  • Fresher software in the hands of users
  • Fewer stabler releases to support conserves engineering efforts for current development and LTS point releases


  • Software ages to six months old each release
  • Cost of doing release management each cycle

Sub Proposals


Is the new shorter support period going to be in effect for Raring? Can this going in effect for Raring, not block more Rolling discussions?

  • (I am for this) [bryanquigley]

How long does it usually take for people to update? Do we have any public data on this? How many people are still using an old release at every month interval after the next one is out?

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