These are things that needed to be checked for any release (preview, release candidate, and final) by the release team and product manager:

Before building candidates

  • replace references to code names with references to the formal version number. See CodeNamesToVersionNumbers for relevant places

  • Ensure all pre-release markers are removed from artwork
  • Ensure that pre-release markers are removed from ubuntu-docs
  • Ensure that release notes are updated in ubuntu-docs
  • check the volume labels on ISO's for all architectures (cdimage/debian-cd/, OFFICIAL variable)
  • check CD boot loader help text against menu configuration
  • ask MartinPitt to disable apport via update-notifier (for RC leaving working though)

  • check the lsb_release output for accuracy
  • check /etc/issue and /etc/ for accuracy
  • check standard /etc/apt/sources.list for accuracy and ensure all suites exist
  • ensure that the "about ubuntu" documents refer to the correct version, if at all
  • ensure the debsearch firefox plugin searchs in the right package repository.
  • prepare release announcement
    • make sure the announcement has links to all derivatives being released

Once final image is ready

  • request IS refresh images prior to push out to CloudFront

  • push isos to mirror pool and verify that all servers (releases, archive, cdimage) have the images

Before announcement

  • Call round table with stakeholders for a go/no-go survey prior to announce email going out.
  • push links to mirrors and verify
  • check that has the proper links and text

  • check torrent functionality


  • Email ubuntu-announce

  • Modify meta-release file to notify users of the availability of the new release

  • make sure that the upgrade tool has the proper release notes (or link to them)
  • Replace upgrade instructions with simplified version (update-manager no longer requires -d option)

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