The release team uses the following criteria to determine if its going to be necessary to respin an image or set of images, after the initial candidates have been built. This information is provided as a guideline, but is not exhaustive.

Release Critical Issues

  • Security issues affecting the live/install environment.
  • Kernel bugs preventing the boot of the image for commonly available hardware
  • Installer bugs leading to installation failure or broken post-install experience without obvious workaround
  • Upgrade bugs leading to broken/non-working systems that can't be fixed post-upgrade through SRU.
  • Critical bugs affecting common software used immediately post-installation.
  • Data corruption after applying upgrade

Product Criteria not being met

  • Image size/physical characteristics
  • Content inclusion error (error in seed, etc.)

Target audience of images

  • user expectations of quality for alpha - developers and testers
  • user expectations of quality for beta - advanced users, developers and testers.
  • user expectations of quality for development release - users.
  • user expectations of quality for LTS - concervative users.
  • user expectation of quality for LTS point release - corporations and concervative users.

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