Release team members often need to work on the code which builds our CD images. While there are public branches for this on Launchpad, for mostly historical reasons some of the master copies of these are actually hosted on the CD image build machine, and are readable/writable directly by Canonical staff with access to that machine (currently ancientminister).

Please do not commit directly on ancientminister. Although our processes aren't the best, it's intended to be a production machine, not a development machine. Please check out branches on your normal development system and commit there, and then deploy those commits to ancientminister.

Setup (replace ancientminister in the following with ancientminister.internal if that's how you ssh to that machine):

bzr checkout lp:ubuntu-cdimage cdimage
bzr checkout lp:~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu debian-cd
bzr checkout bzr+ssh://ancientminister/srv/

You can now bzr update in each of those branches to update, and bzr commit to commit. (Since this is a bound branch, bzr will automatically refuse to commit if you aren't up to date, and there's no need for a separate push step.)

Make sure to run the tests before committing to lp:ubuntu-cdimage:


There are some test dependencies, documented in that script.

To deploy, as cdimage@ancientminister:

sudo -u cdimage -i
bzr up ~/cdimage
bzr pull -d ~/cdimage/debian-cd
bzr pull -d ~/cdimage/production

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