12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) Weekly Meeting

Upcoming Dates

  • 2011/12/16 - Last weekly release meeting of year
  • 2012/01/06 - Meetings resume in 2012
  • 2012/01/09 - DebianImportFreeze

  • 2012/02/02 - Alpha 2

Release Overview

Meeting Logistics

  • No meetings, day after milestone release. (ie. no meeting on 12/2 Wink ;) )

    • Team summaries should still be mailed to ubuntu-release on Thurs or Friday (Thank you to those who did!)
    • If urgent items, ad hoc meeting will be called on Monday.
  • Meeting format:
    • overview of new format: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2011-November/000471.html

    • for this to work, its going to be important that the team statuses should be on ubuntu-release mail list at least 4 hours before the meeting (ideally the night before the meeting, so folks have time to read and digest and think up questions).
    • when its your turn in the Q&A session, please paste the link to your email status in the channel, and use ".." to signal you've finished with questions/comments.

    • when someone has a question, please 'o/' to make sure we pause.

Hardware Certification team update - mlegris

QA team update - jibel

Security team update - jmdeslaur

Kernel team update - ogasawara

Foundations team update - stgraber

Server team update - Daviey

ARM team update - ogra

Linaro update - fabo

Ubuntu One Team - joshuahoover

Desktop Team update - pitti and kenvandine

Desktop Experience Integration Team Update - dbarth

Desktop Systems Engineering Update - olli

Kubuntu Team update - Riddell

Edubuntu Team update - stgraber or highvoltage

Xubuntu Team update - madnick

Ubuntu Studio update - scott-work

Lubuntu Team update - gilir

Mythbuntu Team update - superm1

  • no update

MOTU Team Q&A - tumbleweed or Laney

  • nothing to flag at the moment

Other Topics

  • none

Q&A by the teams on the above status

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