Remote Input

Remote input is a method of sending input events to the Linux kernel from a remote device through the network. For example, if you have a touch screen phone with an rinput client you could use your phone's screen as a mouse trackpad for a computer connected to a television. The goal is to enable a linux device to be controlled by a diverse array of input peripherals, whether they are physically connected to the device or not.

Security is an important facet of remote input. Only authorized users should be able to control your Linux devices, and no one should be able to peek at your input events. The remote input protocol is designed so that all communication is encrypted using standard SSL, and username and password authentication guarantees only the right people can control your Linux device.


A server daemon that listens for rinput clients has been developed. See rinputd for more information.

Remotux is an iPhone/iPod touch client that uses the Remote input protocol.

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