Welcome to the Reviewer's Team! Patches submitted by the community are extremely important to us. The process described here is aimed at helping ensure good patches make it into Ubuntu in a timely fashion and also get integrated upstream. Your help in reviewing patches makes the process go fast.

So this all sounds cool to you? You want to get involved in the Reviewers Team?

Places to sign up

Mailing List
This is a new list on LP only for team discucssions and announcements. Joining the list is highly recommended.
Our mailing list keeps track of activity by subscribers in the bugs where ~ubuntu-reviewers team is subscribed. Join to have a first catch of the new bugs with patches attached (optional).

Launchpad Team

Once you have triaged a few patches and have a general feel for the review process, you can apply to join the team. A +1 from another member helps speed up the application.

What can I do?

Review Patches

Patch Review is the important task for the Reviewers Team at the moment.

  • 1800 open bugs with patches
  • Send the working patches upstream

So what are you waiting for? Go to the Review Guide and start reviewing!


The bugs with tag patch-accepted-upstream and patch-accepted-debian are patches that are ready to be integrated into Ubuntu. You can package these patches to help the reviewers team


Good documentation helps new contributors to know where to start and also not-so-new team members how to do specific things; you can help with updating wiki pages for the Reviewers Team (adding information, linking up to other documention, doing things in TODO list)

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