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Team Info

The Rhode Island Ubuntu Local Community Team supports the Open Source Community specifically through the use of Ubuntu throughout the State of Rhode Island. We work to promote, educate, support, distribute and expand the Rhode Island family of Ubuntu users. Through our active participation and education to the community we contribute to the growing use of Ubuntu.

The Rhode Island Team is currently producing resources and acquiring membership to ultimately become an approved team.

There is still a poll up to choose our teams logo. Click here to vote for your favorite

Become A Member

Membership to the Ubuntu Rhode Island Local Community Team:

The IRC channel, mailing list and team list are still currently under construction and we are awaiting confirmation on our requests. Please revisit this page for updated information and contacts.

Ways to Contribute

  • Assist in the creation and update of this Wiki resource.
  • Introduce yourself to the team and share your experience and abilities.
  • Register our channel on IRC.
  • Build contacts in the community and most importantly share your ideas.


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