• I'm 28 living in York, UK. Came here as a student 10 years ago and never left
  • Cancer Biologist, PhD in Molecular Biology. Currently working for a small Biotech start-up
  • Been using Linux since Kubuntu Breezy. KDE all the way


  • Iso/Upgrade testing - Started around Gusty beta. This was my entry into the community. I've been a bit slower recently due to lack of bandwidth and hardware but I try to still do some each cycle
  • Bug triage - Member of BugSquad since 2007-05-07. Member of Bug Control since 2007-06-20

  • Packaging - Started learning to merge at the beginning of the Intrepid cycle. Involved with packaging KDE 4.1.0 and 4.1.2 for Intrepid and backporting to Hardy
  • Bug Fixing - Recently started to fix some small bugs. Got my first patch accepted recently for a bug in akregator. Contributed some small patches to system-config-printer-kde


  • Improve my packaging skills. In particular packaging from scratch as opposed to merging. The ultimate aim is to become MOTU. Hopefully by the end of Jaunty+1
  • Learn to fix more bugs.
  • Continue work on system-config-printer-kde. Currently working on porting over from PyQt to PyKDE and cleaning out remaining PyGTK code. I've also started on implementing the revised UI from the design by seele

  • Improve the relationship of Kubuntu with upstream, particularly KDE. Kubuntu (and Ubuntu) seem to have a reputation of not giving back upstream. I'd like to see us get rid of that. I've started working on this by making an extra effort to push bugs upstream where appropriate. Making sure my work on system-config-printer-kde goes upstream should also help with this.

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