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Contact Details

I'm based in Cape Town, South Africa and work from a home office.

My Role

I joined Canonical on 12th July 2006 as Education Programme Manager.

I'm the first line contact on behalf of Canonical for all Education issues.

That applies to all Ubuntu products and relationships.

Key Responsibilities

  • 1) Manage Education Projects from initiation to completion/execution;

    2) Serve as Canonical's primary point of contact for education-related queries

    3) Help develop & oversee Canonical's education programs offerings & services

    4) Participate in communication with governments & education institutions worldwide to promote Canonical's education products and services

    5) Help build & shape effective community contributions to Canonical Education programs

    6) Follow potential global opportunities in education, and identify new business opportunities

My Contributions

Approach & Mindset

I embrace the concepts of Open Source:

  • philosophically
  • socially
  • technically

I've worked with Open Source, been exposed to the Community, support the goals.

I've converted to Open Source, as I believe that:

  1. the time is right for Open Source
  2. maturity of open source
  3. the world is ready for Open Source
  4. adoption factors
  5. Ubuntu has:
  6. the right approach
  7. the right message
  8. the right leaders
  9. the right developers


  • Human Behaviour
  • Habit Change
  • Obstacles to Adoption of Open Source

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