Building Your Roadmap

Each goal in the Roadmap has a set structure which you should stick to. This is how it works:

  • Objective' - Promote Ubuntu in schools and universities in different cities of the country , participate in different activities of the Ubuntu Community (OpenWeek, Ubuntu Developer Week, Doc Jams, Translatations Jams, Global Jams.etc)

  • Success Criteria - Successful presentations on different schools we will visit this six months. Also improved our work on next FLISOL coming on April.

  • Actions -

    • Creation on marketing material for Ubuntu-Tour.
    • Communicate with leaders of different Lugs of the country, this way we can coordinate visits to different places of Honduras.
    • Marketing material: Create a new version of the Ubuntu-Honduras T-shirt.
  • Blueprint (optional) - It is recommended to use a Launchpad Blueprint for your objective. Launchpad isn't just for developers, but is also great for community tasks.

  • Driver (optional) - If someone is coordinating this objective and helping those involved to deliver on their actions, list that person here. If you're using a Blueprint it's especially convenient to mark the driver as the Drafter and Assignee of the Launchpad Blueprint.

Tracking Progress

Here are some tips on tracking progress on your Roadmap:

  • Review it at meetings - your Roadmap should be an agenda item at every meeting your Team has. Review progress, identify problems, ensure everyone is clear on what they are doing and unblock blockers.
  • Review mid-cycle - it could be useful to review progress on the Roadmap halfway through the cycle in detail.
  • Evaluate at the end of a cycle - when the cycle is complete, review the Roadmap and see how much the Team achieved.


  • OBJECTIVE: Improve and update Ubuntu-Honduras team page(wiki and website).

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: Inform the community about our work of spreading Ubuntu.


    • Ask members of the community to volunteer, so they are the ones who update the wiki and the website
  • BLUEPRINT:https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu-honduras/+spec/actualizacion


  • OBJECTIVE: Work with Team members to make great events, and show why Ubuntu Rocks



    • Ask members of the community to volunteer
  • BLUEPRINT: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/eventos


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