LoCo Council Lucid Roadmap

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Building Your Roadmap

Each goal in the roadmap has a set structure which you should stick to. This is how it works:

  • Objective' - An Objective is a goal that you want to achieve. Summarize your objective here in one sentence (e.g. 'Exhibit Ubuntu at OSCON' and 'Create Lucid Marketing Materials').

  • Success Criteria - This is a statement that can be clearly read to determine success on the above 'Objective'. This needs to be as clear as possible and not vague: it will indicate if you achieved the 'Objective' (e.g. 'A successful exhibition at OSCON' and 'Lucid website buttons, banner ads and wallpaper provided for LoCo Teams').

  • Actions - This is a set of steps that need to be executed to achieve the 'Objective'. It is recommended that if someone volunteers to commit to delivering on an action, you put it in brackets (e.g. 'Print out LoCo logo on a banner (Jono Bacon)'). There can be multiple actions for each Objective.

  • Blueprint (optional) - It is recommended to use a launchpad blueprint for your objective. Launchpad isn't just for developers, but is also great for community tasks.

  • Driver (optional) - If someone is coordinating this objective and helping those involved to deliver on their actions, list that person here. If you're using a blueprint it's especially convenient to mark the driver as the Drafter and Assignee of the launchpad blueprint.

Tracking Progress

Here are some tips on tracking progress on your roadmap:

  • Review it at meetings - your roadmap should be an agenda item at every meeting your team has. Review progress, identify problems, ensure everyone is clear on what they are doing and unblock blockers.
  • Review mid-cycle - it could be useful to review progress on the roadmap halfway through the cycle in detail.
  • Evaluate at the end of a cycle - when the cycle is complete, review the roadmap and see how much the team achieved.


  • OBJECTIVE: Define a list of teams that the LoCo Council can target for re-approval.

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: A list of teams of who need re-approving.


    • Make sure all approved teams on the wiki teams list are in the locoteams-approved Launchpad team (Alan Pope)
    • Determine the list of teams that are in locoteams-approved that have not been through the re-approval process (Efrain Valles)
  • BLUEPRINT: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/loco-council-lucid-plans


  • OBJECTIVE: Re-approve an agreed set of LoCo Teams

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: Each team has been through the re-approval process.


    • Assign re-approvals across the council members (Alan Pope)
    • Re-approve the teams
      • Belgian Local Community Team (TBD)
      • Colorado Ubuntu Local Team (TBD)
      • DCTeam LoCo (TBD)

      • Equip oficial d'ubuntaires (TBD)
      • Florida LoCo Team (TBD)

      • Georgia LoCo (TBD)

      • German Ubuntu LoCo Team (TBD)

      • Grupo Ubuntu Nicaragua (TBD)
      • Indiana LoCo Team (TBD)

      • Kurdish Kurmanji Team (TBD)
      • Lithuanian LoCo Team (TBD)

      • Pennsylvania - US LoCo Team (TBD)

      • Russian Team (TBD)
      • Thai Loco Team (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Australian Team (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Austria LoCo team (TBD)

      • Ubuntu Bangladesh (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Brazilian Users (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Canada Team (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team (TBD)

      • Ubuntu Chile (TBD)
      • Ubuntu China LoCo Team (TBD)

      • Ubuntu Colombia (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Croatian Advocates (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Czech Republic (TBD)
      • Ubuntu DK (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Ecuador Team (TBD)
      • Ubuntu El Salvador Team (TBD)
      • Ubuntu Finland Team (TBD)
  • BLUEPRINT: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/loco-council-lucid-plans


  • OBJECTIVE: Better implement and document the re-approval process

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: Re-approval process is fluid, documented and effective.


    • Progress tracking page set up in which communications and dates are logged with teams going through the process (Alan Pope)
    • Re-approval process documented from the perspective of a LoCo team about to re-approved (Laura C)

      • Three emails sent out to LoCo admins over the course of one month.

      • If no response, the council member will approach known team members via irc, mailing list or any other reasonable method.
      • If the council member does not feel that the team is responsive, this should signal a recommendation for de-approval.
      • Once contact is assured, the repeat the approval process.
    • Document how a council member performs the re-approval process (Alan Pope)
    • Invite translators to translate the overview document into different languages (David Planella)
    • Item.
  • BLUEPRINT: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/loco-council-lucid-plans


  • OBJECTIVE: Improve awareness of the LoCo team re-approval process.

  • SUCCESS CRITERIA: Teams are aware of the process.


    • Write up blog entries to explain how the process works and why (Jono Bacon) (Alan Pope)
    • Post to the fridge about the process (Jono Bacon
    • Post to loco-contacts about the process (Alan Pope)
    • Item.
    • Item.
  • BLUEPRINT: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/loco-council-lucid-plans


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