Programmer: Relatively well versed in most major (and a few not so major) languages but I prefer to work in C. Pretty extensive mathematics and security background.

I'm primarily interested in X and compositing. I'm also interested in finding ways to create a 'Composited desktop' through integration of the compositor, and the desktop environment, this differs from a 'Compositing window manager' this involves creating new interfaces and modifying/writing applications suited/needed for this task, essentially this is the transition from a composite window manager tacked on top of a noncomposite enviroment to a full composite experience. I'm also interested in working on Server changes and improvements required to make these things feasible.

  • Relevant things I'm working on (copied from my freedesktop page at

  • Beryl and Compiz. This compromises the majority of my development work. Specific to Ubuntu I've put a lot of work specifically in to the Ubuntu packaging of Beryl ranging from code needed to make Beryl fit in to Ubuntu (gconf settings backend, simplified settings manager, code to make switching between Metacity and Beryl seamless by translating between viewports and workspaces, etc) and the packaging. Non specifically I've done a lot of plugins/core work and some settings stuff.
  • Specification for composite retained drawing to enable use of composite manager as if a piece of inferstructure Appropriate interfaces in Compiz for this.
  • Accelerated gradients for EXA and Intel driver with fragment program.
  • Investigating Glucose DRM lock issues. Looking at fix through a multilevel or process based DRM lock.
  • X terminal similar in design to Yakuake, smaller, ARGB, tabs. More information available at my freedesktop page (and a git repo)
  • Desktop manager supporting ARGB and pre viewport wallpapers. More info available at my freedesktop page (and a git repo)
    • Relevant Projects and Things I'm interested in working on but haven't gotten around to doing much for (send me an email if you have an idea of something to do for one of these):
  • GTK+ composite integration
  • Desktop widget engine with bindings for multiple languages.
  • General X server programming
  • Window bar specification and implementation. Idea is to show a bar through some interaction with the decorations that clients can add buttons with pixmaps to and recieve notification of clicks on said buttons. Hope to make more advanced window manager features (grouping) intuitive.

My specs: I hope to soon create a spec on integrating Composite with the rest of the desktop, ranging from a proper desktop manager to taskbar fixes, to a few more interesting things :). Looking forward to discussing this at UDS-Sevilla!

My packages: I maintain the source packages beryl-core beryl-settings beryl-settings-bindings and beryl-settings-simple

Contact: <>

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