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gpg id: 0xF9F6F2B1


irc nick: rbelem

I'm living in Manaus, which is a city at Amazonas, Brazil.


My name is Rodrigo Belem. I started to use a computer at the end of '98, when I was 13. I started to use GNU/Linux six months later. My first distro was Conectiva Guarani. Since then I have used RedHat, Mandrake, Slackware and finally, in 2002, I met Debian and fell in love. At the end of 2004 IanLawrence told me about Ubuntu and showed me how great it is, explained the philosophy and we became part of the community. I took the cd and installed it on my computer. Currently I've been helping the Kubuntu team with ramdom stuff, I'm the Kubuntu Mobile maintainer and kde committer.

Things that I am doing

  • Helping the Kubuntu Team with random stuff
  • Kubuntu Mobile maintenance
  • KDE activities aligned with Kubuntu/Todo


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