I am an avid though a less known user of Ubuntu from India - and am currently on hoary-devel (and will shift to the hoary release as soon as i get the cds - my connection was downgraded from 128kbps to 2kbps (seriously), so i cant keep up with the daily changes offered by devel)..

I intend to make my presence felt in the community and hence am creating this page.

My skillset is limited. Programming experience is C++ and Java only.

Got hooked on Ubuntu - then started using fedora - then slackware - but now i am back on ubuntu - I'm loving it (tm)..

I am thinking of helping in translation to my mother-tongue - Hindi.

BTW, some people might recognize me as da_bon_bon on #ubuntu and #kubuntu .. anyone ? (Please, it is my last ditch effort to make everyone aware of my existance Wink ;) )

Rohan Dhruva. (


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