About Me

Roman Yepishev lives in Kiev, Ukraine and is a huge Ubuntu fan.

He installed my first Linux distribution in 2003, switched several of them - Mandrake, Redhat, Slackware. Then in 2006 he found himself in need of a server distribution that required much less time to install, configure and maintain than Slackware. He picked Ubuntu.

Contact Information




<roman.yepishev AT ubuntu DOT com>


rye @ FreeNode and Canonical



During the first years I spent very little time participating in Ubuntu life even though I depended on Ubuntu for my job. In 2009 I switched to actively participate in bug reporting and testing and the first merge proposal was made for ubuntuone-client's missing icons.

In 2010 I started working for Canonical on Ubuntu One project officially as "Support Engineer" handling multiple tasks, such as various helper applications (most of these are in ubuntuone-scripts), indicator-ubuntuone and other internal services.

I advocated the use of Trash folder for Ubuntu One synchronization service to delete files to instead of unlinking and provided the initial code.

I spent most part of 12.04 release period testing the packages on all my machines, that resulted in quite a few bug reports in various packages ranging from OpenStack components to Unity.

Ongoing activities

  • Testing IPv6 connectivity in applications included in Ubuntu since I am running a full IPv6 network at home.
  • Ubuntu One support duties and testing.
  • Testing OpenStack on my home Ubuntu 12.04-based server.

Future goals

  • Help Ubuntu One become a better service.
  • Dive into short movie making using only the tools available for Ubuntu to see how a user would feel (+first OpenShot MP).

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