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I'm a part-time artist, full-time Kubuntu user, and I am founder, and Editor, of Full Circle magazine (FullCircle), the free independent magazine for the Ubuntu Community, which has been running now for over three years.

I've been using computers since the days of the Commodore 64. My first entry into the 16-bit era was an Atari ST but my first true love was my Amiga A500, still unbeaten! When Commodore went bust (well, bought out I think) I got my first 386 PC with Windows 3.11. Windows 95, 98, ME (God ME was awful!) and XP, which was the last time I used Windows at home. With the announcement of Vista on the horizon I decided it was time to jump ship, and my first serious install of Linux was Ubuntu. I wasn't too keen on the GNOME desktop at first so tried KDE. No idea what I did after that, but it completely knackered my Linux install. I downloaded and installed Kubuntu, two years later and I was still using Kubuntu, but with the introduction of KDE4, I decided to try Ubuntu, and GNOME. Once KDE4 matured I returned to Kubuntu and wouldn't change it for the world! Love it!

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Full Circle Magazine

As editor, it's my job to ensure that writers deadlines are met, have articles up for proof-reading on time, create the final PDF and liaise with the various translation teams, allowing them read access to the English articles and offering help with Scribus to new translation teams. I also liaise with several publishers to receive review copies of books (thus far: Apress, No Starch and Pearson) which are distributed (from me) for review or as prizes.


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Ronnie is extremely well organized, and manages to organize the FCM writers fairly consistently. Not only does he manage to send out regular reminder emails, organize replacement articles in advance, among other things, but he is also a very approachable person. If you send an email to him for whatever reason, you can expect more than just a terse, business-oriented reply from him! He is also the sort of person to continue to improve whatever process he is participating in, even when the current method works. An example: Even though we were using a wiki system to proof-read articles and make corrections to draft copies of the magazine, he continued to look for alternatives, finally settling on a mixture of Google Docs and dropbox for hosting of pdf files. I've found the new system to be much more efficient, and easier to manage on-the-go than the previous wiki-based system. As for the review copies of books, I was offered two Linux server books, which arrived promptly in the mail, and have so far reviewed one of them. Ronnie understands his writers' limitations, and is understanding when it comes to delays, making him an ideal editor for a community-based magazine.

Lucas Westermann / Lswest Launchpad: lswest

From my two years of proofreading/copyediting the issues of Full Circle, I can attest that Ronnie Tucker, the editor of this admired online magazine, is an important asset for the Ubuntu community. Almost single-handedly, he puts together and publishes every month an attractive PDF magazine, whose readers and contributors span the globe. In addition to his editorial efforts, he often contributes articles and book reviews. He is always available to answer questions and responds promptly. Thanks to him, all those who help put out the magazine cooperate in the best Ubuntu tradition.

David Haas / dc-haas

I've worked with Ronnie Tucker for over two years. In that time he has been nothing but encouragement to the editing and proofreading staff. FMC has grown to the premier resource for new and old Ubuntu users and this is thanks to Ronnie's guidance and hard work. The explosive growth of Ubuntu can be traced to a few reasons FMC is one of the top ten. FMC could not have been possible without Ronnie's guidance dedication and hard work.

Jim Barklow / jmbarklow

Ronnie is a great person. Ever since we started working on FCM together, he's been the most organized, level-headed, and patient person I could have hoped for. Not only does he put up with my fumbles, but he also manages to coordinate most of the editing, production, and publishing of FCM while still being a top-notch artist. He's a great collaborator and a great member of the Ubuntu community. I wish him the best of luck!

Rob K / redct

Ronnie's one of the most dedicated people in the Ubuntu community that I've ever met. He's a go-getter, motivated, hard working, and disciplined. Full Circle Magazine is, of course, one of his bigger accomplishments, and as a staff columnist, I can say with a fair bit of confidence that FCM would be nowhere without Ronnie. If you're looking for a dedicated Ubuntu lover with awesome managerial skills and a great work ethic, look no further than Ronnie.

Andrew Min / andrewmin Launchpad: andrewmin

Since I first met Ronnie via Ubuntu Forums, he's managed to organise, collate and produce Full Circle Magazine, which requires more effort than meets the eye. Chasing up people to get their monthly articles in on time, rounding up new articles, making sure the various rounds of proof reading go smoothly, coordinating translations and a huge selection of things he'll jump to tell you I've forgotten! He's also a great artist and an avid Ubuntu user and evangelist. I should probably add that over the three years Full Circle's been going (has it really been that long now?! Seems like yesterday when I was beavering away helping get things into motion) I've (we've) had numerous emails from new Ubuntu users asking for help with Ubuntu and thanking us for the "great magazine" among other variations on the wording.

Robert Clipsham / mrmonday Launchpad: mrmonday IRC: mrmonday on

Ronnie has been wonderful to work with on the FCM. Always professional, always supportive. Keeps me on the on track. Knows his limitations and continually finds people to supplement his knowledge base. If I could choose a boss to work for, Ronnie would be the one!

Greg Walters / gregwa

Ronnie has been a superb editor of Full Circle Magazine. Based on his huge commitment to that publication over the past 3 years, and to specific essays that he has published in it, he is clearly a staunch supporter of Ubuntu and Linux. I have been a proofreader on the magazine for that period, and have had first-hand experience of his professionalism and dedication. He has continually improved the publication, and was always receptive to suggestions and discussions on its layout, content, etc. Not only did he thoroughly consider every suggestion - he did so quickly, efficiently, and with good humour - which I personally appreciated. It has been a great pleasure to have been involved with him on FCM. I recommend him wholeheartedly.

Mike Kennedy / MJK

I have been helping to proofread Full Circle for over two years. As a result of Ronnie's leadership, I recently got more involved, taking on the Q&A column. All my communications from Ronnie have been professional yet friendly.

Gord Campbell / gordintoronto

I know Ronnie from being an occasional proofreader for FCM. He is a guy with amazing dedication to his voluntary job; he's always friendly and patient, yet determined; the kind of person who will do much for the Ubuntu cause. I wish him well as an Ubuntu Member.

David Sutton

As sometime columnist for Full Circle Magazine, I have seen Ronnie's three years of effort, patience and sound editorial judgement and the magazine goes from strength to strength under Ronnie's guiding hand. His long-serving and unstinting effort was the inspiration for my involvement in the Ubuntu community and for the Full Circle podcast. He never loses the 'everyman' perspective or fails to consider all corners of our community base, his membership would represent us well in the future.

Robin Catling / RobinC@Amethyst
Launchpad: RobinC@Amethyst

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