This is a list of packages which are considered important to be translated first if a team starts translating Ubuntu into a new language.

  • debian-install Ubuntu's installer. This package contains the strings of the text-interface-installer and the Ubiquity graphical installer. So these are the first strings someone will see when installing Ubuntu.

  • gfxboot-theme-ubuntu Contains the strings of the very first graphical menu of options during the installation process.

  • gdm The GNOME Display Manager. A login screen in the own language will make everybody happy.

  • gnome-panel Among lesser seen strings, this package contains the strings "Applications", "Places" and "System" which are seen in the top panel.

  • gnome-session Contains the "Shutdown, Hibernate, Logout, Switch User, Suspend, Reboot" and the description of the action related to each of those strings.

Important applications

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