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Ross Gammon

Who I am

I am Test Team Lead for the Ubuntu Studio flavour, a member of the Ubuntu Studio Development Team, and the Ubuntu Bug Squad. I am also a Debian Maintainer, maintaining a few packages on my own, and within the Debian GIS, Debian Multimedia, and Debian Javascript Teams.

I am applying to be a Contributing Developer, to continue getting my uploads sponsored, but to also show my intention to eventually apply for upload rights to Ubuntu Studio packages.

My Ubuntu story

After becoming interested in Linux in 2010, and trying out Sabayon, Debian and Fedora, I eventually settled with Ubuntu on my desktop machine. In 2013 I started to look at how I could contribute back. I joined the Bug Squad in 2013 and learnt how to triage bugs in Launchpad. Due to the maintainer of the Gramps package being inactive, I took over the maintenance of that package in Debian after the steep learning curve of bringing the packaging up to date. Then I learnt the process of merging and syncing packages to Ubuntu, and have also managed a couple of SRUs & done a little backporting. These days I am mostly helping out in the Ubuntu Studio Team, and only a short time ago I became an Ubuntu Member.

My involvement

  • Keeping an eye on the packages I maintain in Debian here in Ubuntu, and also seeded packages in Ubuntu Studio (SRUs, backports, syncs, merges & removals)

  • Help with the Ubuntu Studio seeds and packages (e.g. ubuntustudio-menu ubuntustudio-wallpapers)
  • Helping to create and maintain a small suite of manual test cases for Ubuntu Studio, and keeping an eye on the package tracker.

  • Helping out with ISO Testing of the Ubuntu Studio releases for Trusty (point releases) & Xenial, marking them ready for release for the Release Team, and drafting the Release Notes.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

Within the Ubuntu Studio Team, Kaj Ailomaa normally uploaded the ubuntustudio-* packages prepared by the Team Members. However, Kaj has recently retired from the team, and we need some new developers to look after the Ubuntu Studio packages.

For other packages, I have had various sponsors:

The uploads were mostly comment free. In the rush towards the Xenial release, there was some dialogue with Tim (darkxst) on an imagemagick bug, and Dmitry Shachnev (mitya57) on a Qjackctl bug. Dmitry ended up taking the lead and uploading a new upstream release of Qjackctl, and I need to go back and followup on the Imagemagick one (which should really become an SRU).

Things I could do better

As a volunteer, I find that sometimes I do not follow through and finish things as quickly as I would like after receiving feedback on my work etc. I would love to have more hours in the day!

Plans for the future


After becoming a Contributing Developer and continuing with sponsorship for uploads for a while, I would eventually like to:

  • Obtain per-package upload permission for packages that I have DM upload privileges in Debian
  • Obtain per-package upload permission for the ubuntustudio-* packages
  • Obtain upload permission for the Ubuntu Studio package set
  • Use the Ubuntu Studio Contributors Team to mentor new developers and build up the Ubuntu Studio Developers Team (maybe eventually becoming a delegated team).
  • Continue adding manual test cases for Ubuntu Studio
  • Make sure all Ubuntu Studio packages have autopkgtests

What I like least in Ubuntu

Bugs reported in a LTS release, that never get triaged, and are eventually expired once the release is no longer supported (without an attempt to confirm if it is still valid in the current release). Or finding out during ISO testing that the same bugs from the last release are still there for the next one. We need more bug triagers and fixers. Building up a team of these within the flavours, where there is a natural interest and knowledge of a specific suite of packages, may help to overcome the uncertainty many newcomers feel when starting out and not having a deep knowledge of the thousands of packages and how they work & hang together.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @a link to your launchpad page@.

I've sponsored two packages for Ross, and they were solid. However, I've otherwise not followed his work so just putting in this comment instead of a real endorsement. timo-jyrinki

Ross is of an incalculable value to Ubuntu Studio, working hard and regularly on some of our most important packages. The fact that he seems to enjoy testing software aimed at multimedia is in itself a testimony of Ross's creative fiber. His emails to the mailing-list are in my humble opinion templates and examples of well put, well structured information loops and proof that Ross is a socially skilled team-worker; always straight to the point and positively pragmatic. Simply put, it is a pleasure to work and discuss with Ross. Set Hallstrom

Big +1 from me. Ross has done some great work over the last cycles. He's a great addition to the Ubuntu members team! -- dholbach 2016-11-28 10:50:16


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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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